10 amusement parks around the world (that aren’t Disneyland)

Disneyland has several amusement parks around the world, receiving millions of visitors each year. Yet the The happiest place on earth is not the only one with theme parks worth visiting. In Tokyo, for example, there are great options for park-goers and there are attractions for everyone.

The truth is, great theme parks can be found in almost any country, and they make for an exciting day trip for families or even tourists trying to avoid tourist attractions. While some theme parks offer cultural immersion rather than rollercoasters, others are great for avoiding endless lines as they are less famous.

ten Efteling, Netherlands

Efteling is one of the largest theme parks in Europe, and it was created to create a fairy tale atmosphere which, combined with thrilling attractions, has made it extremely famous.

Located in Kaatsheuvel, the Netherlands, the park attracts many Belgian visitors, as it is not far from the border.

The place is divided into five kingdoms, including Marerijk, the magical, and Ruigrijk, with the most exciting attractions.

One of the most notable rides in Efteling is Draak, a wooden roller coaster and Fata Morgana, a water attraction inspired by Arabian tales. Visitors who wish to stay longer can book one of their hotels and villas.

Price:From €38 (about $38.58)

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9 Dollywood, United States

Surprisingly, the best theme park in the United States is not Disney World or Universal. Dollywood topped Tripadvisor’s Top Travelers list of 2022 and the place is famous for its award-winning shows, rides and special events.

Visitors can expect to find different celebrations for each season and 11 thrilling attractions spread across its 160 acres.

Among their most popular attractions are Daredevil Falls and the Dollywood Express train depot. In 2023, visitors will also be able to take a ride on Big Bear Mountain, its longest rollercoaster.

Price:$79 + taxes and fees (day pass)

8 Europa-Park, Germany

Travelers visiting Germany can also schedule a day to visit Europa-Park, the country’s largest theme park and the second most visited theme park in Europe, after Disney Paris.

The place has more than 100 attractions, suitable for all ages. Located near France and Switzerland, nearly five million people visit Europa-Park each year.

The park has several themed areas, each celebrating a European country. Of course, visitors will also find thrilling attractions, including fairytale woods and 13 roller coasters.

One of the coolest times to visit Europa-Park is during the Halloween season, when it features extraordinarily spooky decorations.

Price:Seniors and children 4 to 10 years old: €47 to €53 (about $47.72 to $53.81) | Adults – €55 to €62 (approx. $55.84 to $62.95)

seven Songcheng Theme Park, China

Songcheng Theme Park, China is the largest in Hangzhou and is a great way to learn more about the Song Dynasty.

They managed to recreate a city from 800 years ago and visitors can get a glimpse of their way of life through buildings, shows and theaters.

One of the most recommended attractions is the Song Dynasty Romance, a show that explains ancient myths.

This theme park is a different experience, as it doesn’t have thrilling rides or water attractions.

Price: From $61.54

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6 Puy-du-Fou, France

This is another theme park for those who love history and would like to have an immersive experience in a medieval French village.

Visitors can watch dancing horses, fireworks, and multiple historical pageants. Children are often impressed by the Viking ship and the eagles, owls and hawks they meet.

This park is perfect for those who want to skip the endless lines while enjoying shows that appeal to all ages. They also have a second park in Toledo, Spain.

Price: From €39 (about $39.59)

5 Beto Carrero World, Brazil

Brazil is home to Beto Carrero World, the largest theme park in Latin America. Initially, the park aimed to recreate the atmosphere of the American Wild West, but now has nine themed areas with 100 attractions, including shows and rides.

The park is located in Santa Catarina and receives over two million visitors a year.

According to Tripadvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Best of the Best, Beto Carrero World is the third best theme park. It’s a great option for travelers who want to do something different while visiting Brazil.

Price:From R$109 (about $21.17)

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4 The Milky Way Adventure Park, UK

Milky Way Adventure Park is located close to Cornwall, the UK’s favorite theme park for visitors. The Cosmic Typhoon roller coaster and gravity donut slide are some of their most popular attractions.

As this park is smaller than other theme parks, there are also fewer lines, so it’s a great option for visitors who want something less crowded.

The place is still family owned and the attractions are designed for families to enjoy together.

Price: Tickets for children aged 1-3 start at £7.95 ($9.22) | Other Visitors – £14.95 ($17.34)

3 Gardaland Resort, Italy

Located near Lake Garda, this park is an amazing day trip to enjoy sunny days in Italy. The place is full of thrill rides and family attractions spread over ten themed areas.

Adrenaline seekers can enjoy their four thrilling roller coasters. Families can hang out at the San Andreas 4D cinema.

Of course, younger kids have plenty of options, but their favorite is Peppa Pig Land, the Funny Express, and Doremifarm.

Price:Begins to€44 ($44.67)

2 Terra Magica Florybal, Brazil

Terra Mágica Park is located in Canela, a popular family destination in Brazil. One of the most interesting things about this place is that local artists created all the attractions.

There are over 40 attractions and sculptures in the park; some can move and talk.

Their most famous attraction is the 7D cinema, which features snow and rain. This park is exciting for the youngest, because they can enjoy this unique universe.

Price:R$110 (about $21.37)

1 Yomiuri Land, Japan

Yomiuri Land is Tokyo’s largest amusement park and is open year-round. Beyond the attractions, the park is a popular destination to check out the famous Japanese cherry blossom in the spring.

They are also home to Jewelllumination, the world’s first LED lighting inspired by the colors of gemstones.

The park has ten themed areas and is always adding more attractions to its portfolio.

Among the most exciting places in Yomiuri Land is “Goodjoba!” space, which was designed to celebrate Japanese craftsmanship.

Price: From $32.99

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