11 stellar vegan jackfruit recipes

Jackfruit has become a staple ingredient for compassionate cooks, both professional and amateur. Not only is it tasty, high in fiber, and versatile, but it’s also a great source of B vitamins. Jackfruit tacos, enchiladas, salads and desserts have appeared on dinner menus and tables across the country. country. We’re here to say it’s a great time to experiment with this proven vegan food while you take shelter at home and practice social distancing. These 11 innovative recipes are sure to make you say that tofu, tempeh and seitan have no jack on jackfruit!

1. Mu Shu Jackfruit Lettuce Wraps

Tasty jackfruit and garlic wrapped in crisp, fresh lettuce – it’s a perfect herbal option with an equally hearty bite, far fewer calories, and none of the cholesterol or animal suffering that comes with traditional pork. We believe Mu Shu Jackfruit Lettuce Wraps are definitely the way to go for a healthy work-from-home lunch.

2. Easy Jackfruit Carnitas Tacos

The nice thing about jackfruit is that as it cooks and softens, it begins to separate, taking on a shredded texture similar to pulled pork. Add a few shakes of your favorite spices, a little tomato paste, and you’ve got the ultimate in tacos. Pair it with a vegan cocktail and it’s Taco Tuesday happy hour on Zoom!

3. Jackfruit “tuna” fondant

Sticky tuna stock without fish! Discover this incredible sandwich with vegan mayonnaise, white beans, jackfruit, melted vegan mozzarella and beautiful bright red tomatoes – all deliciously mashed between two slices of bread and toasted to perfection. Do it with the kids for a lesson in vegan home economics!

4. Laotian and Thai salad

When the day calls for a light, decadent lunch, cheese dishes don’t seem so appetizing, turn to the crisp and tangy bite of this Asian-inspired jackfruit salad, sprinkled with red shallots and chili powder, and garnished with mint and cilantro. It’s the perfect energizing salad to fuel you on your afternoon conference calls.

5. Jackfruit coconut curry

Is there anything better than curling up on the couch with a warm blanket and a hot bowl of rich coconut curry to escape everyday stress? Especially if it’s that colorful jackfruit curry, bursting with coconut milk and a blend of peppers, bamboo shoots and butternut squash. Did we mention that there are a few jalapeños too? Just for a slightly spicier kick.

Jackfruit Rubens
Pickled jackfruit is stacked a mile high on swirled or black rye bread under a layer of sauerkraut and special Thousand Island sauce in this sammie. The final result ? A cheese reuben, creamy and delicious. You’ll run into your kitchen to cook seconds, we promise.

7. Spicy jackfruit salad

The most interesting thing about jackfruit is that it takes on any flavor you decide to use for your dish. Whether it’s the salty smoke of soy sauce, the distinct taste of freshly grated ginger, or the kick in the face of red chili peppers. This spicy jackfruit salad mixed with garlic and green onions from Olives For Dinner is the perfect appetizer for any home-cooked dinner.

8. Jackfruit BLT sliders

Two words: jackfruit bacon; but wait, we have more from this recipe and our friends at Vedged Out: Onion & Rye Pretzel Bun and Vegan Wasabi Ranch Dressing, all assembled in the ultimate Mini Jackfruit and Kimchi BLT Mini Sliders. These bite-sized burgers make for a fun and tasty dinner at home.

9. Jackfruit Enchiladas

While we love the VNHQ burritos, a melt-in-the-mouth enchilada can really tempt us sometimes, and Keepin ‘It Kind’s jackfruit enchiladas are topped with cashew and avocado cream – two toppings and three flavorful words we can. totally support. Who Said Eating In Quarantine Has To Be Boring?

10. Jackfruit “crab” cakes

This ingenious vegan jackfruit ‘crab’ cake recipe from Fatfree Vegan gives you a healthier, plant-based alternative to those mushy, fishy cakes everyone always loves. Add a pinch of Old Bay seasoning and cook these breaded babies for the ultimate cruelty-free appetizer, perfect for a high-end Netflix frenzy.

11. Tropical jackfruit smoothie

Brighten up your morning smoothie with this tropical jackfruit smoothie from The Little Epicurean. Don’t fall victim to the same smoothie every day! Take out the usual strawberry, carrot, and kale combo – try combining jackfruit, mango, banana, coconut milk, and pineapple juice in the ‘ol blender and give it a swirl. It’s the morning pick-me-up that we need during quarantine.

Photo credit: Keepin ‘It Kind

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