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In Jakarta these days, foodies also demand optimum aesthetics as well as a unique dining experience. To meet these demands, new restaurants have sprung up across the city, including a restaurant in southern Brazil called Tucano’s Churrascaria Brasileira.

Tucano’s serves a rare taste of authentic Brazilian cuisine right in the heart of Jakarta, providing a unique experience not common in the city.

The restaurant specializes in Churassco, a style of grilling meat kebabs over an open fire, serving a variety of different cuts of beef, lamb and chicken.

The menu also offers a Brazilian buffet which can be enjoyed for around Rp 50,000 (US $ 3.75), with an a la carte steak order starting at Rp 78,000.

However, the real highlight of the restaurant is the all-you-can-eat meal plan ranging from Rp 238,000 to Rp 378,000 which includes a variety of churrasco and unlimited access to the buffet.

Tucano’s specializes in churassco, a style of grilling meat kebabs over an open fire, serving a variety of different cuts of beef, lamb and chicken. (Churrascaria Brasileira de Tucano / File)

Once you decide to opt for the meal plan, the Brazilian dining experience begins immediately.

As soon as customers are seated and ordered an unlimited drink, they can indicate that they are ready to be served by placing a token on the table.

Each table receives three tokens that represent the different foods you want to be served: green represents meat, yellow indicates pineapple, and red means you want to end the service.

The waiters will move around the restaurant with skewers of halal meat from Picanha (Top sirloin), Alcatra (Sirloin) and Fraldinha (outside of the skirt) to Carnero (Lamb) and chicken.

During lunch hours, guests are served eight types of churrasco choices and 14 during dinner time.

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Servers come to your table every 10 minutes or so and slice individual servings onto your plate at each turn.

Top sirloin lightly seasoned with rock salt and very thinly sliced ​​is considered one of the best cuts served in restaurants. Customers have the choice of garnishing it with two complementary sauces: a spicy creamy sauce or a savory pickled onion relish.

However, in terms of the texture and flavor of the meat, the top sirloin is nothing fancy. The cuts were tough and unfortunately lacked juiciness due to the low fat content.

Grilled salmonGrilled Salmon (Churrascaria Brasileira de Tucano / File)

On a positive note, the outer skirt cuts were tender and moist in flavor. These cuts of meat were just the start of a churrasco feast that was served throughout the meal package.

Once customers have eaten a number of rounds of churrasco, they are bound to feel a bit drunk. As soon as the customers feel overloaded with the meat, they can add the yellow token on the table to ask for pineapples.

The waiters will then bring a grilled pineapple skewer and serve thin slices on your plate. It is recommended to season it with a pinch of cinnamon to enhance the juiciness and to consume it with your slices of meat to tenderize it.

While people are waiting for the waiter to bring the next type of meat, they can go to the buffet for some extra food.

The buffet setup is similar to a typical family restaurant’s salad bar, with food placed around an island in front of the entrance.

Basket Chest Basket Breast (Churrascaria Brasileira de Tucano / File)

It offers a selection of 30 varieties of food that include Brazilian flavors such as Jaca salad (Jackfruit salad), Salpicao de Frango (Brazilian Chicken Salad) and an assortment of different relishes and appetizers.

Most of the dishes resemble flavors common in Indonesian cuisine, such as Moqueca, a Brazilian fish stew, which resembled a fragrant fish curry in coconut broth.

Assortments of different dishes are organized from cold dishes on one side, stews on the other, and desserts and other items on the side. Although stews are placed in heated servers, other cooked foods are served on plates which tend to dry out the food.

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In addition to the churrasco and the all-you-can-eat buffet, people can also choose from a wide range of exclusive cocktails from Brazil.

For example, Tucano’s is a place to try Capipirinha, a Brazilian national cocktail made with strong alcohol, sugar cane, sugar, and lime. For heavy drinkers, they can choose to add unlimited beer from Rp 175,000 or unlimited wine or spirits from Rp 250,000 as an additional package to their meals.

Chef Aldecy Bastos de la Churrascaria Brasileira de TucanoChef Aldecy Bastos de la Churrascaria Brasileira de Tucano (Churrascaria Brasileira de Tucano / File)

Tucano’s goal is to bring the real Brazilian flavors to local food lovers, by combining the authentic tastes prepared by Brazilian chef Aldecy Bastos with local ingredients. It has the true taste of southern Brazil without changing the flavors to meet Indonesian palettes.

“Brazilian and Indonesian cuisine is very similar in terms of flavor and ingredients,” said Michael Chuang, general manager of business development and project management for the restaurant.

He added that the dishes would appeal to the public as they offer tastes that people already know.

Regarding the restaurant layout, it is sparsely adorned with dim lights and good natural lighting. Paneled walls complement the modern space, along with mirrored room dividers that create an illusion of larger space.

Unlike the limited decor and relaxed family dining experience, the menu is relatively expensive. If a table of two chooses the churrasco meal plan, they will spend an average of Rp 500,000.

In fact, the meal package serves unlimited meat, various buffet dishes and an unlimited drink. However, compared to an affordable all-you-can-eat barbecue restaurant, the meat doesn’t stand out.

In addition, the quality of the buffet is comparable to an average salad bar with cold options and limited cooked options.

If you are looking for a unique ethnic dining experience, then Tucano’s may be on your list to visit. However, if you are looking for a cheap casual dinner, this might not be the best option.


Or: Tucano Jakarta Pavilion Retail Arcade Lt. Dasar Unit D 01-12 Jl. KH Mas Mansyur Kav. 24 Karet Tengsin, Jakarta Pusat, 10250

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