African swine fever: flights from Indonesia and Bali to cope with intense projections

If you are planning to return home from Bali during the Christmas and New Years period, know that you will be shocked by immigration.

Tourists returning home from popular Indonesian places like Bali are warned to be prepared for long delays and checks at Australian airports.

Following an increased threat of African swine fever, biosecurity at airports across the country will be overloaded over Christmas and New Years.

According to the Herald Sun, passengers arriving in Australia will face more questions than usual at immigration as well as an increase in the number of detector dogs around airport terminals.

Agriculture Department biosecurity chief Lyn O’Connell said there would also be additional warnings on all inbound flights.

“Summer is when our ports, airports and mail centers are busiest, but this holiday season will require extra vigilance on everyone’s part,” said Ms. O’Connell.

“If you are going abroad, think carefully about what you are bringing back, and if you are visiting a farm or going out of the countryside, declare it when you return.

“Avoid bringing high-risk products in your luggage and remove potentially contaminated soil from your shoes and camping gear. “

An outbreak of African swine fever has swept through China, Vietnam, Cambodia and parts of Indonesia with no vaccine or cure for the disease. The disease is not transmitted to humans because the virus dies during the cooking process. But it could infect other pigs that are near infected pigs – alive or dead. If introduced into Australia, it could have a serious impact on the Australian pork industry by $ 5.2 billion.

In Indonesia, at least 29,200 pigs have died from the disease, causing losses to the province’s pig farmers and causing people to stop eating pork.

The threat to the Australian pork industry is the greatest since bird flu, and if visitors are caught with undeclared pork products they will be fined $ 420.

Originally posted as travelers returning home from places like Bali face intense checks at Australian airports

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