Ambulance times could increase in WF if vaccination warrants occur

Vaccination warrants may be happening in Wichita Falls in a few weeks, and Bill Lockwood has had several studio guests to discuss what this means for the rest of Wichita Falls.

In case you missed the show this weekend, Bill Lockwood had three studio guests on his American Liberty show. Bill has been talking for several weeks about potential vaccine mandates in Wichita Falls. You can check out some of the previous interviews here. I reached out to Bill and asked him what happened on this week’s show. You can read his comments below and be sure to check out American Liberty with Bill Lockwood on Saturday mornings at 11 a.m. on NewsTalk 1290.


One area that has not been touched much anywhere is that of the effects of vaccination mandates on emergency services and prehospital medical care.

With special guests Ross Caston, Eric Pankonien, & Derek Ruvalcaba, the discussion explores in depth the vax mandates on emergency response such as ambulance care.

The recent OSHA suspension of mandates affects only a small portion of medical care, as guests explain, since mandates actually have three areas: (1) OSHA; (2) SGC; (3) Federal contracts. Global Medical Response is managed in part by federal funds from CMS and federal contracts. What does it mean?

Simply put, emergency personnel across America, up to 30-40% who refused to receive the jab, will LOSE their jobs, livelihoods, and jobs. This, in turn, affects the emergency services in a significant way for all communities across the country. Unless the federal government relaxes its draconian mandates, ordinary citizens will LOSE much of the excellent medical care from pre-hospital emergency services, including ambulances and AirEvac services.

Ross Caston, Eric Pankonien and Derek Ruvalcaba made it clear to us as well as what we need to do as citizens to prevent the government from going too far.

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