Austrian tourists warned to be careful as Zadar region is considered risky


July 13, 2021 – The Zadar region has been seen as a potential risk as Austrian tourists are warned to be careful by a popular Austrian publication.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, under the title ‘Atlas for a vacation trip’, the Österreich newspaper provides its readers with an overview of the epidemiological situation and the current coronavirus figures for the coronavirus and its different strains for all EU Member States, as well as for the United States and Turkey.

On Saturday, under the headline “Holidays in Danger” and the subtitle “Croatia-Alarm in the Zadar region”, the newspaper warns Austrian tourists to be well informed before traveling to Croatia and other destinations in Croatia. popular sea vacations on the situation in the specific region they have chosen, writes the Vecernji list.

While the incidence in Istria is close to zero, Germany has rated the Zadar region as a high risk area. In general, the share of the delta variant of the coronavirus in new cases of infection is already around 54.5%, which is worrying, ” Österreich writes.

The publication further informs the Austrians that Spain has reintroduced its curfew, that the number of new cases of infection with new strains in Portugal has “exploded”, that Cyprus is again a high risk area, that Turkey is unreachable, as Greece is grappling with an increase in incidence, while Italy has already canceled its previous British welcome thanks to the introduction of the delta variant in the country.

Under the headline “Croatia: a region with increased numbers” on Sunday, the Austrian daily writes again about the “slight increase in cases of delta infection in the Zadar region” which, as repeated, already accounts for 54.5% of all new cases in all this Dalmatian county.

Not only Austrian media, but also Austrian government authorities are closely following developments with the spread of the delta variant in their immediate vicinity, but also here in Croatia, the most popular tourist destination for Austrian tourists. .

They are more than aware that the most embarrassing situation with regard to the coronavirus in Croatia is indeed in the Zadar region, but they are also following the epidemiological measures taken by the Croatian National Civil Protection Headquarters to prevent the spread of the delta strain through Zadar. region and its surroundings, such as the ban on concerts and similar events without visitor control.

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