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Baker’s women’s soccer team, which played for the second straight day with a minimum number of players, fell short of undefeated La Grande Tigers, losing 10-1 Wednesday March 10 at the Baker Sports Complex.

As was the case on Tuesday at Riverside, the Bulldogs (1-2 for the season) only had 11 players, meaning all 11 had to play the entire 80-minute game.

“Two games in a row, no substitutes either, they were absolutely gassed,” said Baker assistant coach Christine Teegarden.

In the first half on Wednesday, the Tigers, who have not allowed a goal in their opening three games, stifled Baker’s offense.

Meanwhile, the Tigers regularly tested Baker’s defense, scoring six goals.

Despite the score, Baker’s head coach Eric Layton said he was proud of his team’s efforts.

“Knowing they played a big game yesterday, and it was on short notice, knowing it had happened, I thought they played really well,” Layton said. “We knew today was going to be a struggle because La Grande is good, it’s a bit difficult to maintain that energy.

La Grande won its first three games, against Four Rivers, Idaho, Pendleton and Ontario, by a combined score of 19-0.

Layton said his main goal in chatting with his team at half-time was to help them maintain their point of view, to remember that this was a young team taking on a much more experienced side from La. Tall, with nine seniors in her lineup.

The Tigers advanced to the Class 4A playoffs in 2019.

Layton said during his halftime interview he “reminded them that they are mostly sophomores. To remind them that we had two weeks of practice, some of which was indoors. I think the prospect is really healthy.

At the start of the second half, Baker regained his offensive confidence and was able to keep the ball on La Grande’s side of the pitch.

Although La Grande scored the first half-time goal to increase their lead to 7-0, Baker rejoined the table 16 minutes into the half when rookie Daphne Thomas scored. It was the first goal abandoned by La Grande this season.

Teegarden said she was happy to see the explosion of energy that goal gave the Bulldogs.

“We keep telling them that we see these good things and that they are capable of it, but until they see that goal scored, the energy arises,” said Teegarden.

La Grande then scored three consecutive goals to end the game 10 minutes earlier with a 10-1 lead.

Looking to the future, knowing he has such a young team, Layton chooses to take the season short day after day and not let the frustration of the losses get in the way of teaching.

“We just have to take the games for what they are, a learning experience, and move on,” Layton said. “We are proud of their work and in all the situations they have found themselves in, they have had few subs and they have been an outsider. People need to know how hard they are working. “

Baker returns to the Greater Oregon League game on Monday, March 15, when the Bulldogs travel to Ontario for a game at 3 p.m. PDT.


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