Benidorm Dream Ends in Food Bank Papers for British Family

Benidorm Dream Ends in Food Bank Papers for Brit Family. image: wikimedia of the commons

BENIDORM Dream ends in food bank donations for Brit family thanks to coronavirus

Lindsey Evers, 45, mother of three, from Halifax, West Yorkshire, and her partner Chef Peter Chadwick saw their dream life in famous Spanish tourist destination of Benidorm shattered by the pandemic, so that they meet again. surviving on aid from a local UK food bank, with just € 20 (£ 17) in his pocket, and facing eviction from their two-bed flat in four weeks over rent arrears.

Without the funds to return to Britain, Lindsey, who moved to Benidorm 10 years ago, said The sun, “We rely on charity and goodwill to put food on the table for us and the children. We have been legal residents here for years, worked hard and paid our taxes. Now we are one step away from living on the streets. The coronavirus has been an absolute disaster for us and for many other Brits who have moved to Benidorm and made a good life there ”.

Karen continued: “We knew during the first lockout in March of last year that a lot of Brits would suffer so much live clinch here and were waiting for their seasonal contracts to start because we were coming out of winter. The food bank was established around this time with donations of money and goods, and it quickly turned into helping over 100 families, mostly British ”.

She added: ‘We are currently feeding around 26 families, 24 of which are British. This is something that had never happened before the coronavirus. We provide them with everything they need, from meat and laundry to soap, shampoo, diapers and tea bags. Without this weekly shop, these families would not survive. The UK community has been great in supporting those in need here ”.

A GoFundMe page was set up to try and raise money so Lindsey and her family could return home, raising £ 426 of the £ 1,739 goal so far.

Lindsey added: “The kids couldn’t believe it when we told them we were going to have to go back to the UK. They were born there but they are more Spanish than British and all their friends are here. Our youngest daughter knows what it’s like to go to school in Spain. There were a lot of tears ”, as reported

Euro Weekly News is running a campaign to help reunite Britons in Spain with family and friends by capping the costs of PCR testing for travel. Please help us urge the government to cap costs at ones- again /

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