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It is estimated that around 350,000 UK citizens live in Hong Kong. Many British expats work in financial services.

Hong Kong has a population of around 7.5 million and the locals speak Cantonese, English, and Mandarin.

As part of the HSBC Expat Explorer survey, expats shared their views on life in Hong Kong.

One expat said: “Come with an open mind, embrace the local life, try to learn a few Cantonese phrases and explore the outer islands. “

It is always important to be open to new opportunities and experiences when emigrating abroad.

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British expats should also try to learn Cantonese before moving to Hong Kong.

Although English is very common, knowing at least a few sentences in Cantonese will help expats settle in.

Another expat issued a life warning in Hong Kong. They said, “Don’t underestimate the cost of living in a lower tax jurisdiction!

“Accommodation, healthcare, education and transportation can cost a lot more than you think! “


While taxes may be lower in Hong Kong, other costs can quickly add up. Expats should consult a financial advisor when in doubt.

Another expat said: “Make sure you have enough cash on hand for the large deposit required to rent a property.

“About 3.5 months are needed in advance to include the deposit, one month’s rent in advance, and agent fees.”

It can be difficult to find accommodation in Hong Kong, and expats will have to pay a lot up front to secure a property.

From mountains to beaches, Hong Kong is a beautiful country and a leading tourist destination.

One expat said: “It is very difficult to get into English speaking schools. You should discuss this with your employers or organize it well in advance of your arrival.

Good schools can be incredibly competitive in Hong Kong, and many have long waiting lists.

All UK expats moving with a family should pay for the education of the children as soon as possible.

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