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(CNN) — Visiting the largest Buddhist temple in the world is about to get expensive.

Borobudur, one of Indonesia’s most popular attractions, will soon be subject to a massive price hike by government authorities in a bid to “preserve the country’s historical and cultural richness”.
“We have agreed to limit the tourist quota to 1,200 people per day at a cost of 100 dollars for foreign tourists and 750,000 rupees (71 dollars) for domestic tourists,” announced the Coordinating Minister of Maritime Affairs and of investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, in a post on his official Instagram. page on Saturday, June 4. Tourists entering the site currently pay a fixed rate of $25 per person.

Under the new rules, foreigners will need to be accompanied by a local guide at all times when visiting Borobudur. There were also plans to introduce electric shuttles for tourists to move around the temple and nearby surroundings.

“We are doing this to create new jobs while developing a sense of place in this region so that the sense of responsibility for historic sites can continue to thrive in the younger generation of the future, Luhut said.

“We take these [steps] solely for the purpose of preserving the rich history and culture of the archipelago.”

Sunrise over the ancient temple of Borobudur in the Central Java province of Indonesia.


Located near the city of Yogyakarta in the Central Java Province of Indonesia, Borobudur is believed to have been built in the 9th century and has been preserved through several restorations. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982 and was attracting tens of thousands of visitors daily before the pandemic hit.

With nine stacked platforms topped by a large central dome surrounded by seated Buddha statues, the temple is an outstanding example of Javanese Buddhist architecture.

Borobudur is often compared to another sprawling religious site, Angkor Wat. The Cambodian temple complex has a different style and history, but also requires all foreigners to be accompanied by government-licensed guides and periodically raises ticket prices for non-Cambodians.

The Indonesian government’s proposed price hike for Borobudur has met with a quick reaction on line.

Stuart McDonald, co-founder of Travelfish, a Southeast Asian travel website, pointed out that foreign travelers make up a “tiny minority” of visitors to Borobudur. “The magnitude of this price hike has come out of nowhere and seems somewhat inconsiderate,” McDonald said.

“Borobudur is a key attraction in Indonesia and frequently cited as one of Java’s highlights…so beware of overestimating the importance of foreign tourists to Borobudur’s financial viability.

“The most important question might be [whether] foreign travelers will reduce their time in Yogyakarta, or remove the city entirely from their travel plans,” he continued. “I would cautiously say yes. The ripple effect could be significant. »

A Buddhist monk takes a photo of the Buddha statue at Borobudur Temple during Vesak Day celebrations.

A Buddhist monk takes a photo of the Buddha statue at Borobudur Temple during Vesak Day celebrations.

Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images AsiaPac/Getty Images

Even with price hikes taking effect in 2017, ticket sales at Angkor Wat still saw a massive jump that year, reaching over $100 million and allaying fears among observers that the price increase would discourage foreigners to visit the site.

But will Borobudur see the same effect?

Locals working nearby, like Ade Wijasto, doubt it. “Rising ticket prices will only deter people from visiting Borobudur,” Ade, a tour guide, told CNN, adding that many Borobudur guides have already lost huge incomes due to lack of tourists. during the pandemic.

“A lot of us are still recovering,” he said. “We thought the reopening of Borobudur would be good news, but [the government] only made things worse.”

Where to visit in Madeira, Portugal https://jacahuesca.com/where-to-visit-in-madeira-portugal/ Sat, 07 May 2022 04:06:04 +0000 https://jacahuesca.com/where-to-visit-in-madeira-portugal/

Twenty-something chef João Pedro Ferreira, who enjoys spearfishing in his spare time, dives for limpets and sea snails for his menu at the newly opened Peixaria, just next to the Victorian Food Market. “You have to leave Madeira to clearly see the island again,” he says, bringing a plate of soft tuna tartare with jam to the table. It was the bananas, meanwhile, that lured a self-taught food-obsessed youngster named Selim Latrous here. Originally from Switzerland but living for years in Asia, he wanted to return to Europe but settle in the warm. “I remembered that bananas don’t like the cold, so it was either here or in the Canary Islands,” he tells me as we drive to the Paul da Serra plateau in February, leaving the heat of the coast below for a winter landscape. where the clouds tangle in the fir branches like ghosts. Two years later, he’s still amazed by the sheer variety of ingredients growing in the island’s seven microclimates, picking sorrel, borage, samphire and blueberries – and the yellow flowers that we pick carefully from the thorny gorse – for dishes of intricate beauty at their fair value. named restaurant The Wanderer.

Octopus in lagareiroat the 1905 Zino’s Palace hotel above Ponta do SolTom Parker

On my last visit, winter conditions thwarted my ambition to hike the classic route between the two highest peaks, so I settled for a route that took me across the northeast corner, from Machico to Porto da Cruz, using the levadas which lace the island like a spider’s web – small channels about a foot in diameter, which collect cloud water filtered through the forest at 6,000 feet and channel it along outlines for irrigating the land. Children make boats out of bark and launch them downhill; hikers and trail runners take to the trails alongside streams and ravines, past passion fruit vines strung like festive lights and mossy banks where water ebbs like an underground cave. My guide, Fabio, tells me how he restored ghost trails across the island, interviewed retired farmers about the routes they used years ago, and set off with friends armed with machetes to reopen them . Then we walk in silence, listening only to the birdsong and the wind, finding our rhythm, stopping to turn from time to time and marveling at the distance covered. Walking these paths – “the habits of a landscape” according to nature author Robert Macfarlane – connects you deeply to an island whose interior has been defined by foot. The roads are relatively recent additions; 40 years ago, the villagers left at dawn to reach the other shore.

Indonesia on a budget – Lonely Planet https://jacahuesca.com/indonesia-on-a-budget-lonely-planet/ Wed, 30 Mar 2022 07:00:00 +0000 https://jacahuesca.com/indonesia-on-a-budget-lonely-planet/

You will be transformed into an instant millionaire the moment you land in Indonesia. With one million rupees currently equating to around 70 US dollars, a little can go a long way in this country, and if you’re careful, you can get by on less than one million rupees a week.

You can choose the simple beach lifestyle or live the high life with some of the most luxurious five-star hotels on the planet at off-season prices that are a fraction of the cost elsewhere. Here are our trips to visit Indonesia on a small budget.

Choose from 13,466 islands

Bali is significantly more expensive than neighboring Java, which is in turn slightly more expensive than Sumatra, but the amount of competition vying for tourist dollars means you can live for surprisingly little, even in Bali. Two people could potentially live the Bali dream on around $20 a day, including a private room, meals, and scooter rental.

In general, as you move off the beaten track to other islands, the cost of living goes down. Keep in mind, however, that at the ends of the world’s largest island nation – in the Alor Archipelago, for example, or the remote Maluku Islands – prices are higher due to transport costs to deliver goods (and vehicles and fuel) to remote areas. .

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Choose the cheapest time to leave

October to April is the rainy season in Bali and central Indonesia, and the cheapest season to travel here. Unless you’re going far off the beaten path – jungle trekking or volcano climbing, for example – it’s often a great time to be in Indonesia. The rains are generally short and heavy, and interspersed with beautiful sunny days. (However, avoid Christmas and New Year school holidays.)

Read more: When to go to Indonesia

Find a cheap flight

Join Jack’s Flight Club for quick updates on cheap flights to Jakarta or Bali. In Indonesia, the national airline Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia or Lion Air connect all other main islands. To get a rough idea of ​​flight prices, you can travel one-way between Jakarta and Bali from around $45, or from Bali to Labuan Bajo (access to Komodo) from around $35.

Book accommodation at the best value for money

You can book ahead, of course, but if every dollar counts, consider only booking the first night or two, as the best deals – in Kuta, for example – are often found by asking around. With private rooms available from $2 in some parts of Indonesia, dorms are in short supply.

It can often be more cost effective to rent a bungalow or villa long-term through a site like Airbnb than to pay for a hotel room overnight. A good air-conditioned double room in Bali will cost $8 a night (breakfast included), but a self-contained bungalow in central Ubud with its own garden and kitchen can cost you less than $6 a night if you book a full month.

Indonesian public transport is cheap but erratic, so most travelers choose to get around by other means © Pav-Pro Photography Ltd / Shutterstock

Getting around on a budget

Public transport is cheap but erratic, so most travelers opt to rent a vehicle. To keep costs to a minimum, consider renting long-term. Scooters are cheap (often around $2 a day if you’re renting for a week or more), but for safety’s sake consider upgrading to a car, which will set you back around $10 a day – especially affordable if you are traveling with friends. . With gasoline costing less than $0.50 per liter ($0.13 per gallon), self-driving in Indonesia is inexpensive.

Driving in Indonesia – especially Bali with its swarms of motorbikes – isn’t for the faint-hearted, so if you’d rather not drive yourself, you can hire a car with driver for $20 to $30.

Read more: How to get around Indonesia (with less hassle)

Young woman with a backpack traveling in Bali, Indonesia, checking her mobile phone
Before leaving home, download the carpooling apps Grab and Gojek © lechatnoir / Getty Images

Hail a cab for less

Bluebird Taxis has 23,000 vehicles across Indonesia and, while convenient, they can cost around twice as much as Grab, the Singapore-based company that acquired Uber in Asia.

Before you leave home, download the apps for Grab and Gojek, which claims to have 2 million motorcycle taxis across Southeast Asia. These delightfully democratic solutions mean you’ll only pay local fares for transport, so no needless haggling every time you need to catch a car or moto-taxi, and no need for complex multilingual conversations trying to confirm destinations. or give directions.

Ferries, buses and trains are good ways to spend time with the locals

Ferries connect some of the islands, and they are inexpensive, although erratic and time-consuming. Take the trip from Labuan Bajo to Bali, for example: the weekly ferry costs less than $20, but it’s a 33 hour trip, compared to an hour flight!

On the larger islands, long-distance buses connect all major cities, but only Java and parts of Sumatra can get you around by train. Generally, you can calculate that a seat on a train will cost you around $1.50 for each hour of travel, and you can book through Kareta Api Indonesia. A bus ticket is usually slightly cheaper and almost always faster than Indonesian trains.

A woman cooking meatball soup at a street stall in Ubud
In Indonesia, you can count on hearty local dishes – cooked on site, with fresh and delicious ingredients – at incredibly affordable prices © Elena Ermakova / Shutterstock

Eat local to eat cheap

Although Indonesia lacks the culinary variety of much smaller Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, you can count on hearty local dishes at incredibly affordable prices. Unless you are in a tourist center you can usually find a one plate meal – normally Nasi goreng (fried rice) or mie goreng (fried noodles) – for less than $1. Because they are cooked on site, the ingredients are usually fresh and often delicious.

The city of Padang in West Sumatra has exported its fine food traditions and you will find Masakan Padang (literally Padang style cuisine) restaurants – usually a buffet where you are given a plate of rice and simply point to the extras you want – in virtually every city in the country. You can often grab a real treat for around $2; try to choose establishments that seem to have a constant turnover of diners.

Read more: The 11 best things to do in Indonesia

Stay away from alcohol

The best way to cut costs in Indonesia is to simply avoid alcohol. A bottle of Bintang, the standard local beer, costs around $2, a bottle of “cheap” wine starts at around $10, and a bottle of imported gin or whiskey will probably set you back $30 or more. These are supermarket prices – the figures are likely to triple in a trendy bar. If you want to be able to party without breaking the bank, look for the ubiquitous 2-for-1 happy hour deals at sunset.

Embrace the culture of haggling

Haggling is a way of life in Indonesia, and outside of the big malls and fixed-price supermarkets, you’ll be expected to haggle most things. Although many travelers are uncomfortable negotiating purchases, you’ll soon discover that a smile, a joke and a few reliable common phrases can turn a boring shopping trip into an opportunity to bond with the local population. At best, haggling transforms a simple commercial transaction into something much more human.

“Bukan harga bule” (no foreign price) is good for a smile.

“Saya sudah bankrupt” (I’m already bankrupt) guarantees giggles.

Remember, however, that your haggling should only be aimed at establishing a fair price that is good for both parties. Some travelers are proud of their haggling skills, thinking that a street vendor will always make a profit regardless. This is not always true: most traders will prefer to sell at a loss if it is the only way to feed their families that night.

Daily costs

  • Local cafe by the side of the street war: $0.30
  • Cappuccino in a fancy cafe: US$2.50
  • A hearty plate of fried rice/noodles at a local restaurant: 1 USD
  • The same meal in a tourist spot: US$4
  • Cocktail at the beach bar during happy hour: US$5
  • Beer at a hotel bar: US$3
  • Glass of house wine in a hotel: 6 USD (sometimes up to 25 USD!)
  • 1.5 liter bottle of water: $0.25
  • Surfboard rental: $3.50/session
  • 90-minute yoga class: US$10 (less if you get a package price)

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Greenwood OUT of Man Utd squad ‘until further notice’, Ronaldo joins United WhatsApp, Pogba last https://jacahuesca.com/greenwood-out-of-man-utd-squad-until-further-notice-ronaldo-joins-united-whatsapp-pogba-last/ Thu, 27 Jan 2022 20:31:37 +0000 https://jacahuesca.com/greenwood-out-of-man-utd-squad-until-further-notice-ronaldo-joins-united-whatsapp-pogba-last/

Hello Man Utd fans

Man Utd defender Phil Jones is lined up by Bordeaux to replace exiled Laurent Koscienly, according to reports.

The 36-year-old veteran, who spent nine years at Arsenal before joining Bordeaux in 2019, found himself cold on the French side.

And now the Ligue 1 outfit have identified Koscienly’s former rival and United stalwart Jones as his replacement, according to L’Equipe.

Meanwhile, Man Utd, Chelsea and Newcastle are vying for the transfer of superstar Ousmane Dembele, according to reports.

Sky Sports report that the Frenchman is ‘most likely’ to join a Premier League club if a transfer is made this weekend.

Spanish outlet Marca have also confirmed that Dembele and his agent are now looking for his next club.

They say it’s ‘clear’ to the winger and his representatives that a move is in his best interests.

A loan would be a possibility if a permanent agreement cannot be reached.

Finally, Man Utd have reportedly entered the race to land French starlet Aurelien Tchouameni from Monaco.

The Red Devils are ready to do battle with Premier League rivals Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City for the 22-year-old.

And La Liga leaders Real Madrid are also on board after sending their chief scout to watch the midfielder in action.

Reports in France suggest Monaco haven’t even bothered to name an asking price for the in-demand wonderkid.

They are confident that any bidding war between Europe’s top clubs would push the fee well beyond £33m.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez Has Never Been Interested In Football https://jacahuesca.com/cristiano-ronaldos-girlfriend-georgina-rodriguez-has-never-been-interested-in-football/ Thu, 20 Jan 2022 12:23:31 +0000 https://jacahuesca.com/cristiano-ronaldos-girlfriend-georgina-rodriguez-has-never-been-interested-in-football/

Georgina Rodriguez says she never discusses football with her partner Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo.

The 27-year-old confessed to having no idea about the beautiful game because she was never interested in the sport as a child.

And she insisted that she and her soccer star boyfriend spend their time discussing their children’s education, travel and business plans rather than what the five-time Ballon d’Or winner has done in the field.

Georgina, set to star in a Netflix docuseries about her life from rags to riches called ‘I am Georgina’ which will air in 190 countries next Thursday, told Spanish newspaper El Pais: “The truth is that the football never interested me when I was a kid.

Georgina Rodriguez ‘never speaks’ with Cristiano Ronaldo about his football career

“Ballet and going to the countryside, that was what interested me.

“It started to interest me because I’m interested in what my partner is doing but I’m not a football fan and the truth is that at home we don’t talk about football because I don’t have no idea.

“We tend to talk about taking care of ourselves, taking care of our children, our training programs, travel, projects and business plans.”

Do you discuss with your partner about his work? Let us know in the “Comments” section.

Georgina Rodriguez arrives at the 78th Venice International Film Festival on September 1, 2021
The model is set to star in a Netflix docuseries about her life

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The former football manager’s daughter added: “In the family environment, Cristiano obviously takes my opinion into account, but not when it comes to football and business.”

Georgina, who claims in a preview of the Netflix show she posted on Instagram over the weekend that she knows what it’s like to have nothing, also opened up a window on some of the toughest times that she has endured in life.

The model and influencer, who will be 28 on the day the Netflix show premieres, revealed earlier this month that she was living in a converted £250 storeroom in Madrid ahead of the ‘life-changing day where she met Cristiano Ronaldo after leaving the town in the Spanish Pyrenees. of Jaca where she grew up.

Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo reacts as he concedes a goal from Liverpool's Mohamed Salah during the Premier League match between Manchester United and Liverpool at Old Trafford on October 24, 2021
Ronaldo won’t be able to talk about Man United season in Rodriguez

She admitted: “I have never deprived myself of the basics.

“But it’s also true that I ate better some days than others and sometimes we had hot water and other times we didn’t.

“I wanted to study when I was 18 and I couldn’t leave Jaca, but then I received a job offer in a hotel in a town two and a half hours away and my mother gave me €100 (£83) to go.”

]]> How to spend a weekend in Madeira, Portugal’s lush adventure island https://jacahuesca.com/how-to-spend-a-weekend-in-madeira-portugals-lush-adventure-island/ Tue, 14 Dec 2021 06:04:00 +0000 https://jacahuesca.com/how-to-spend-a-weekend-in-madeira-portugals-lush-adventure-island/


Five adventure sports to try in Madeira

Over the past decade, Madeira has seen a rapid growth of new adventure outfits offering a wider and wilder range of tours. From rappelling through waterfalls to world-class trail running, take your trip to the next level with outdoor activities.

1. Coasteering
A catch-all term for coastal activities including cliff jumping, rock climbing, and snorkelling, coasting is an exhilarating way to see the island. A half-day mountain tour offers adrenaline-filled exploration of some of Madeira’s most beautiful and lesser-known sea outcrops and caves in a protected marine park. Helmets, life jackets and wetsuits are included, as are the services of an experienced bilingual guide. € 60 (£ 50).

2. Canyoning
Walk along the pretty Levada do Alecrim to reach your starting point: the top of a series of picturesque waterfalls and lagoons descending a canyon from the Paul da Serra plateau. While milder tours are available, the 2.5-hour Ribeira do Lajeado group outing is for intermediate level and the highest abseil covers an 80-foot drop. € 80 (£ 68).

3. Running
If you’re interested in off-road racing, you’ve probably heard of the Madeira Island Ultra Trail (MUIT). The 70-mile race across the islands, which takes place on April 23, 2022, attracts the biggest names in the sport. For those looking for a more straightforward running vacation, Go Trail Madeira offers full-day guided tours off the beaten path and longer trips, including yoga and running retreats.

4. Scuba diving
Diving in the warm, biodiversity-rich waters off Madeira has become a serious industry in recent years, with new wrecks sunk in 2018 and several centers, including Manta Diving, aimed at both beginners and skilled divers. Garajau Nature Reserve in Madeira is known for its clear waters and varied marine life. Two dives, with equipment, cost 120 € (100).

5. Paragliding
Soar with certified guides and admire the spectacular geography of the volcanic island from above. Due to a temperate and stable climate, tandem flights depart most afternoons and participants can choose from over 80 launch sites across the island. The pilots of Madeira Paragliding offer a barbecue before take off and drinks on landing, completing the experience in style. € 75 (£ 63).


Episode 22 – I’m Standing Over 1,000,000 Lives. https://jacahuesca.com/episode-22-im-standing-over-1000000-lives/ https://jacahuesca.com/episode-22-im-standing-over-1000000-lives/#respond Sun, 12 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://jacahuesca.com/episode-22-im-standing-over-1000000-lives/


I don’t want to stress too much what a disappointment is I’m standing over 1,000,000 lives went through that final story arc, lest my bashing might derail it into the dreaded double downer. But it’s hard not to feel a little weary of the show’s insistence on racking up misery and tragedy on those involved in this story. Perhaps that is the emotional purpose of what it affects here: to make us sympathize with the inflexible and seemingly unbeatable events of desperation that continue to encroach upon these characters. But besides communicating that level of empathy (which I honestly already had due to how much I’ve grown to love the main characters in this series), it makes me question his conclusion for the themes and ideas of series. As in, what is the point of it all, and will it be worth it in the end?

It feels like the answers are farther from the heroes – and from us – than they’ve ever been. There are some bright spots in the situations they find themselves in, mainly with the revelation that the encampment they found last week was actually made up of refugees from Zagroth’s “Voyage of Hope”, including the brother of Froc, previously deceased, Dan. But even that turns out to be a vehicle for more painful elements, highlighting unpleasant possibilities of what “New Eden” really is and ending up turning the corners of the groups gathered against each other with the heroes. At least Iu level up to a new Elite Warrior class, and the crew can enjoy a momentary warm welcome from the former villagers before things start to turn sour again.

It’s a refreshing contrast to how the Colony lets the heroes in, sharing their (presumably meager) food and lodging with them, versus the memorably less welcoming reception the gang received in Zagroth. I’m not sure if the show tries to pass a moral judgment on these now deceased villagers themselves, as much as the structure put in place by Cox’s management. This is shown by the characters who directly state the irony that all the people Cox kept in the village to “protect” them ended up dead while the “unwanted” he chased survived. Maybe it was a little more direct than it needed to be, but the way it’s vocalized Is Cox’s guilt-trip quite effectively. This is something he must experience, even if a few minutes later he returns to his own unconvincing justifications for “doing what he had to” for the good of the village. No wonder someone went to stab this guy.

Cox’s death is the keystone of this episode, but it is surrounded by other elements that are worth discussing. There are some points about cleaning up the goblin encampment that I honestly wasn’t sure the show would be successful at, given its track record. The sloppy moral relativity of killing the orcs in the previous arc is still fresh in my mind, so I was all set for more open-ended ambiguity in the form, I don’t know, of having the right one. with the Torii Children murder some of the helpless baby goblins or something like that. Fortunately, Millions of lives chooses not to take that particular path (for now), instead limiting his questioning to Iu expressing his disgust for the underhand way they steal and eliminate goblins. Although I’m sure the few they let slip won’t come back to bite them in the ass at all.

Another somewhat surprising inclusion for this episode is getting a bit more information about Glenda. While we had the basics on her before, it’s apparently important that we learn a little bit more about her own tragic story in the midst of this current tragic story. The rhythms are hardly unique, framed around his former soldier father with PTSD who fell into alcoholism and egocentric abuse. But I’ll give the pervading darkness of Millions of lives credit on the framing of this one, as these issues are much more relevant in the fantastic context of villages destroyed by monsters that they otherwise ask us to engage with. Granted, it also definitely undermines points from my perspective with its uniquely American-flavored tragedy, which centers on a self-obsessed war veteran who threatens his daughter with a gun when she comes across as a woman. lesbian for him. The resolution she had to walk away anyway portrayed a more powerful image of Glen than I already had. And there’s even a bittersweet resolution in the way she apparently carried her memories of her father’s battlefield photos as motivation to pursue her career as a photojournalist.

I love having that context on Glen (and how she delivers it by opening up to Kusue, another character who might need a little more to do lately), but it feels a bit stuck to me because she ends up being the one to play detective when Cox goes and gets killed. The “who” of the thriller is resolved relatively quickly, with Glen catching Jaca the Chief as the culprit based almost entirely on the fact that he said the wrong thing in the initial report of the death. The bigger unresolved question is “why” given the circumstances of what remains of the village population and the need to keep moving forward with the manipulated monsters. It’s also there to fuel another moral dilemma for the heroes, as they resign themselves to the point that the only thing they can do with Jaca is leave it behind and take into account the heightened tension they end up having. with the refugees. This issue so resolves with a bigger problem, as Jaca gets her face gnawed by an Iris now possessed by a wireworm!

As boring as I find Iris, I’m not sure if she deserved to be “punished” by the narrative the same way Cox did. She is simply the product of her education by a really terrible person. So the conga-line of trauma she goes through until the end of this episode sounds like little more than unnecessary tragic porn in a storyline already stuffed with it. This episode already had one of its only bright spots in the form of Jezby randomly remembering his “real parents” giving him information about New Eden, which is just a trick, so things like Cox being removed and wireworms appear again, I just want to make up some tricks. The level that things have come to at this point in history is starting to seem more overwhelming aimlessly. I want to believe it Millions of lives always goes somewhere with it all, but at this point I certainly couldn’t predict where.


I’m standing over 1,000,000 lives is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

Chris is a freelance writer who appreciates cartoons, action figures, and additional auxiliary arts. He can be found staying awake too late by posting screenshots to his Twitter.


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Prehistoric Arnaules Bridge – Manresa, Spain https://jacahuesca.com/prehistoric-arnaules-bridge-manresa-spain/ https://jacahuesca.com/prehistoric-arnaules-bridge-manresa-spain/#respond Thu, 05 Aug 2021 18:01:07 +0000 https://jacahuesca.com/prehistoric-arnaules-bridge-manresa-spain/


The bridge is located inside the Geopark of Central Catalonia. Over 36 million years ago, there was a sea in the geographic heart of Catalonia. The waters fell as the region’s mountain ranges rose, a process that left some stunning rock formations. This natural bridge made up of the fossilized remains of ancient sea creatures is one such spectacular piece of stone.

The prehistoric Arnaules Bridge, also known as Pont Foradat (Perforated Bridge), is located near the town of Manresa in the area known as Les Arnaules. It is a long strip of limestone, particularly hard and resistant to erosion, which has been separated from the slope where a small stream flows, forming a natural rock bridge that connects the two sides. The erosive action of the torrent emptied the material below, isolating the slender rocky bridge.

If we look at it closely, better where it has fractured, we will see that it is made of tiny round fossils that look like lenses. These fossils are nummulites, the remains of ancient marine life. Their calcium carbonate skeletons are now the stone of this bridge. The layer of nummulitic limestone that forms the natural bridge measures 27 meters in total length and a width of between 85 centimeters and 2.7 meters. It is suspended 10.7 meters above the water.


https://jacahuesca.com/prehistoric-arnaules-bridge-manresa-spain/feed/ 0
Lucena LGU off-site vaccination starts in SM City Lucena https://jacahuesca.com/lucena-lgu-off-site-vaccination-starts-in-sm-city-lucena/ https://jacahuesca.com/lucena-lgu-off-site-vaccination-starts-in-sm-city-lucena/#respond Sun, 01 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://jacahuesca.com/lucena-lgu-off-site-vaccination-starts-in-sm-city-lucena/


The mayor of the city of Lucena, Roderick ‘Dondon’ Alcala, takes up the challenge of Ritchie Villasanta, head of development management at DOH, region 4A, to vaccinate 17,500 residents in one week.

During the vaccination ceremony held in SM City Lucena, Villasanta said that Alcala gladly accepted his challenge, confident in the will of his people to be protected from the threat of the Covid-19 virus.

The challenge stems from the recent delivery of the Janssen vaccine from Johnson & Johnson that the city received for the week.

Vaccination carried out. SM City hosted the 1st off-site vaccination of Lucena City LGU. Immunization of 2,000 residents on day 1 of the 3-day vaccination program in the mall. Posed during the event were (left to right) Senior Asst. Vice-president of operations Ing. John Jason Terrenal, City Administrator Anacleto Alcala Jr., Exec. ASst. Mark Alcala, Mayor Roderick Alcala, Lucena Head of IATF Janet Gendrano, City Health Officer Dra. Jocelyn Chua and the manager of the Maricel Alquiros shopping center.

“We thank Ms. Villasanta for her efforts, which resulted in the shipment of 6,000 initial J&J vaccines, followed by 17,500 additional vaccines,” said Alcala.

He added that he was convinced that the 23,500 vaccines would be administered within a week, as he received text messages from his compatriots Lucenahin asking him when they will be inoculated.

He also expressed optimism that the city government will receive additional vaccines in the coming weeks to speed up the population’s return to normal life.

The mayor thanked the management of SM Lucena for providing the venue as a vaccination site, targeting more than 6,000 vaccinated people, mostly from around the mall, during the 3-day event in the mall.


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Model Georgina Rodríguez made headlines after her relationship with football star Cristiano Ronaldo became public. What do we know about the beloved wife of the famous player?

Georgina Rodriguez walks the red carpet before the films “The Human Voice” and “Quo Vadis, Aida?” at the 77th Venice Film Festival on September 03, 2020 in Venice, Italy. Photo: Alessandra Benedetti
Source: Getty Images

Ronaldo’s girlfriend has been a topic of interest to all who watch football and admire the Portuguese star.

Profile summary

  • Full Name: Georgina Rodriguez
  • Genre: Women
  • Date of Birth: 27 January 1995
  • Age: 26 years
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
  • Place of birth: Jaca, Spain
  • Current residence: Turin, Italy
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Sexuality: Right
  • Height in feet: 5’7 “
  • Height in centimeters: 170
  • Weight in pounds: 123
  • Weight in kilograms: 56
  • Measurements in inches: 38-24-35
  • Measurements in centimeters: 97-61-89
  • Eye colour: Dark
  • Hair color: Dark brown
  • Parents: Jorge Rodriguez and Ana Maria Hernandez
  • Marital status: Go out together
  • Boyfriend: Cristiano Ronaldo (since 2016)
  • Children: Alana Martina dos Santos Aveiro (born in 2017)
  • Occupation: Model, dancer
  • Instagram: @georginagio

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Who is Georgina Rodriguez?

Spanish beauty Georgina Rodriguez, who gained attention in 2016 due to her relationship with the famous footballer, is a model and dancer. The two have been together for a few years now and share a daughter.

Georgina Rodriguez’s age

The model was born on January 27, 1995. In 2021, she is 26 years old.

His birthplace is Jaca, a town located in the northeastern part of Spain. Georgina Rodriguez’s nationality is Spanish.


The Spanish model grew up in Jaca with her parents, Jorge and Ana Maria. Her mother is Spanish and her father Argentinian.

Not much is known about Georgina Rodriguez until she rose to fame, but it is reported that she worked as an au pair in Bristol, England, and took dance lessons. For a while, she also worked as a waitress and then as a saleswoman in a Gucci store.

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How did Georgina meet Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend
Georgina Rodriguez arrives for the screening of the film “France” at the 74th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, southern France on July 15, 2021. Photo: Valery Hache
Source: Getty Images

She first rose to fame when she was spotted with Cristiano Ronaldo in Spain. The two reportedly met at a Gucci store in Madrid while she was working as an assistant there.

Although Georgina was very shy of the world famous star at first, sparks quickly flew between them and their relationship grew at a rapid pace. At the end of 2016, they were frequently seen together by the paparazzi.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend has often been caught watching matches for Real Madrid, the team her boyfriend was playing for at the time. In addition, she accompanied him to the FIFA awards ceremonies with his family.

Relationship and pregnancy

In 2017, Georgina’s pregnancy was officially announced by Cristiano. Just months before giving birth to their daughter Alana Martina, her surrogate twins, Eva and Mateo, were born.

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Today Rodriguez is raising Alana Martina and also acts as a mother figure for Eva, Mateo and Ronaldo’s eldest son, Cristiano Junior, who was also conceived by a surrogate mother. She frequently posts photos of her boyfriend and children on her Instagram account. She shares a strong bond with the famous striker and they often travel together.

Prior to dating the Spanish model, Ronaldo dated Russian model Irina Shayk for five years. However, they broke up in 2015.

Georgina Rodriguez Height

The well-known model is a woman of medium height. She is 5 feet 7 inches, which is 170 cm.

Georgina Rodriguez’s Net Worth

As Celebrity Net Worth states, the famous footballer’s partner net worth is $ 10 million, which she earned through her modeling endeavors.

Ronaldo's girlfriend
Juventus’ Cristiano Ronaldo poses with the Serie A trophy alongside his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez after winning the 2018-2019 Serie A championship. Photo: Nicolò Campo
Source: Getty Images

By comparison, Cristiano is worth $ 500 million.

Georgina Rodriguez’s children

The Spanish model has a biological child – Alana Martina dos Santos Aveiro, born in November 2017.

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However, she acts like a mother to all of Cristiano’s older children: Cristiano Junior, Mateo and Eva.

Georgina Rodriguez is a charismatic model and a perfect partner for world famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

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