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The winners of the Marquardt Young Authors competition named

Thirty elementary students were named district-wide winners of the 2016-2017 Marquardt School District Young Authors Writing Competition 15. Participating schools included Black Hawk Elementary School, G. Stanley Elementary School. Hall, Charles G. Reskin Elementary School and Winnebago Elementary School. At a reception honoring the best writers on May 16, 2017, …

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Overcome Spanish Airports |

It took some soul-searching to figure out my reluctance to land at another airport in Spain, until I realized I was still a little pissed off about a forced landing in the US shortly before the move. intercontinental, then fly into the oppressive environment of Germany after that. It was …

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Impact line | Local

At the start of his senior season, Hermiston’s John-Henry Line was a third-year college linebacker with a busy career quarterback. However, a change in position at the defensive end of a game in the 2016 campaign revealed his hidden potential, and by the time he played his final as Bulldog, …

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