Oceanic climate

What is blue carbon? Definition and importance

“Blue carbon” refers to the large amounts of carbon dioxide that the Earth’s oceans absorb from the atmosphere. The name first appeared in the 1990s when scientists realized the importance of marine vegetation as important carbon sinks. In addition to forests, which store ‘green carbon’, coastal ecosystems such as mangroves, …

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Plastics and toxic chemicals kill fish – and poison us

Plastic, pesticides and other toxic substances are devastating fish and marine animals around the world, according to a report released Tuesday. the study, which has not been peer reviewed, was published by the International Pollutants Elimination Network (IPEN), a global coalition of environmental organizations. It reviewed academic research conducted around …

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NOAA issues new climate standards for the United States

WABASH VALLEY (WTHI) – Climate and weather experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just released the new 30-year climate standard. With nearly 15,000 weather stations reporting precipitation and more than 7,300 temperature stations in the United States, NOAA has released new climate normals for the United States. The …

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