Oceanic climate

What are tornadoes? : The India Tribune

Sydney, October 2 While many believe that tornadoes are a rare occurrence, they are actually surprisingly common and have killed a number of people since the European occupation. Geoscience Australia says there have been more than 40 tornado-related deaths in Australia over the past 100 years. This is because Australia …

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The climatic disasters of summer 2021

“It was impossible to ignore climate change this summer,” Rachel Licker, senior climatologist at the Union of Concerned Scientists, told CNN. “And sadly, this is not a one-time thing … it’s what we can expect more of, especially if we don’t stop fossil fuels and invest in measures to build …

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TimesOC: doctor visits could help save whales

Hello and welcome to the TimesOC newsletter. We are Friday October 1st. My name is Ben Brazil, bringing you the latest summary of Orange County news and events. In recent years, California’s gray whales have mysteriously disappeared and washed up on shore. Southern killer whales suffer from high levels of …

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