Oceanic climate

Earth’s life is changing

The dry west coast has burned down and the coast is drowned in a deluge of water. Much of the rest of the country breathed in the smoke of the summer fires as westerly winds carried and delivered the ashes to Colorado, Utah, Ohio and the East Coast. The United …

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“Indirect development” increases reproductive plasticity and contributes to the success of scyphozoan jellyfish in the oceans

1. Cartwright, P. et al. Exceptionally preserved Middle Cambrian jellyfish. PLoS A 2, e1121 (2007). Google Scholar ADS Article 2. Walcott, CD Cambrian II geology and paleontology: n ° 3 – Middle Cambrian holothurians and jellyfish Flight. 3 (Smithsonian Institution, 1911). Google Scholar 3. Willoughby, RH & Robison, RA Medusoids …

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Areas once marked in red are now often urban heat islands

Heat is typically the leading cause of weather-related death in the United States, but depending on the neighborhood, some townspeople experience cooler and more manageable temperatures than others. Why is this important: All cities trap heat, with their dark-colored asphalt and energy-absorbing buildings – a phenomenon known as the urban …

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