Oceanic climate

Areas once marked in red are now often urban heat islands

Heat is typically the leading cause of weather-related death in the United States, but depending on the neighborhood, some townspeople experience cooler and more manageable temperatures than others. Why is this important: All cities trap heat, with their dark-colored asphalt and energy-absorbing buildings – a phenomenon known as the urban …

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Tropical storm Odette forms off the mid-Atlantic coast

Tropical Storm Odette formed off the Mid-Atlantic coast on Friday afternoon and is expected to bring dangerous surf conditions as it heads into Newfoundland, forecasters said. At around 5 p.m. EST, the storm was about 225 miles southeast of Cape May, NJ, moving northeast with maximum sustained winds of about …

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Flora Cardoni and Michael Mann: Keystone State Keys to Addressing the Climate Crisis

Tropical Depression (formerly Hurricane) Ida hit us hard, depositing torrential rains causing flooding over a huge part of the eastern United States. Here in Pennsylvania, dangerous flash floods and tornadoes have destroyed homes and vehicles, disrupted and contaminated water supplies, devastated communities and resulted in tragic and preventable deaths. Sadly, …

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