Spain tourist destination

Alicante tourism aid

: STRATEGY FOR THE FUTURE: Herick Campos and Jose Chulvi discuss Javea’s sustainable tourist destination plan Photo credit: The tourist industry in the province of ALICANTE has received nearly 9 million euros in direct aid from the Generalitat to mitigate the effects of Covid-19. This is more than what …

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Spain received 10 times more tourists

Spain received 10 times more tourists Credit: Pixabay Spain received 2.2 million foreign tourists in June, 10 times more tourists than Spain received in the same month a year earlier. Spain has been hit by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but is showing fantastic signs of recovery this summer. This year …

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Intempo, the tallest residential building in Europe, is finally completed on Spain’s Costa Blanca

Almost 15 years after construction began, Intempo, an eccentric, M-shaped residential skyscraper rising more than 650 feet above the coastal town of Benidorm, Spain, is finally complete. Initially derailed by the economic crisis of 2008, Intempo’s journey towards full realization has been resolutely out of tempo one, its momentum disrupted …

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