Spain tourist destination

Reyes Maroto: Minister of Tourism: “Spaniards can start planning their vacations” | Economy and business

Spain’s Minister of Tourism receives letter with bloody knife Spain’s Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto announced on Friday that citizens will be able to travel normally this summer, at least within the country. “The Spaniards can start planning their vacations,” she said in an interview with Spanish TV channel La Sexta. …

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Top 10 reasons to travel to Spain

With endless cultural festivals, beautiful beaches and incredible nightlife, Spain is impressive all year round. From Madrid to Barcelona via Seville and Valencia, Spain is such a dynamic country with a boost. The climate in Spain is the most reliable with more than 300 sunny days per year. The versatile …

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The Spanish tourism plea has come under fire after ‘insulting’ Britain’s Brexit: ‘Don’t make us laugh! ” | Politics | New

After Spain’s Tourism Minister appealed to travelers to keep the Mediterranean nation in mind when booking vacations this summer, the enraged Britons fired back. Some have pointed out that his request was a far cry from how Britain was treated in the months following Brexit. was quick to turn …

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