Che Kung Temple Sports Center / ArchSD

Che Kung Temple Sports Center / ArchSD

Southwest elevation. Image © Image 28

Northeast elevation.  Image © Image 28Rooftop garden view.  Image © Image 28Multipurpose room.  Image © Image 28External staircase.  Image © Image 28+ 14

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    12900 m²

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Northeast elevation.  Image © Image 28
Northeast elevation. Image © Image 28

Text description provided by the architects. The 4-story sports center comprising the games arena, fitness room, dance hall, children’s playroom and two multipurpose rooms is set against a hill with a beautiful natural setting, dotted with village houses nearby. from Che Kung temple station.

East elevation.  Image © Image 28
East elevation. Image © Image 28

As with local tradition, villagers are encouraged to ascend the feng shui hill, the audience of this sports center is inspired to ascend through different levels of the site and ultimately connected to its feng shui origin. The sports center offers an accessible extension of the adjacent greenery on the hillside. Design a public place not only to provide sports facilities, but also as a place of recreation. The layout of the different spans of the Sports Center with its public spaces connects the functional areas while guiding visitors through the natural setting of the place, shaping the Sports Center as the neighborhood garden, a retreat for residents.

Schematic section
Schematic section
© Picture 28
© Picture 28

The spatial concept is to encourage interactions between visitors and nature. Instead of a traditional indoor leisure complex, the functional spaces of the Sports Center are arranged along a promenade through gardens. A public pedestrian route is created to literally cut the building to allow natural landscapes to enter each functional area and create dialogues between spaces and visitors. It also allows the general public to experience the various leisure activities inside the sports center while walking through the building to reach the feng shui hill.

External staircase.  Image © Image 28
External staircase. Image © Image 28
Glazed central courtyard.  Image © Image 28
Glazed central courtyard. Image © Image 28

From the forecourt, a staircase and ramp route leads to the central courtyard, terraced gardens, landscaped terraces and roof gardens, connecting a garden path through different sports facilities in the building, bringing together different users. Functional rooms are arranged around the glass-fronted central courtyard, creating a foyer to bring together a sense of community coming together and form a welcoming oasis for the neighborhood.

Rooftop garden view.  Image © Image 28
Rooftop garden view. Image © Image 28

We are completely eliminating air conditioning in all public traffic areas. Instead of an internalized route based on an elevator, open circulation is adopted, reducing the consumption of electricity required for air conditioning. The courtyard, terraced gardens and ramp passage enhance natural ventilation and lighting while creating a natural setting. A glazed courtyard is placed directly above the central atrium to provide a natural night’s sleep in the public gathering space.

© Picture 28
© Picture 28
Terrace garden.  Image © Image 28
Terrace garden. Image © Image 28

The generous use of windows is incorporated into the design of the elevation to let in daylight in different places while capturing views of the surrounding gardens and greenery for the interior. The gardens, rooftop gardens and vertical greenery are arranged in different places and on different floors, creating a natural backdrop for different parts of the sports center, creating a green retreat in the neighborhood. An exposed concrete finish was used to reduce the need for additional finishing materials. Photovoltaic and solar panels, rainwater harvesting, water and electricity saving devices are adopted.

Multipurpose room.  Image © Image 28
Multipurpose room. Image © Image 28

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