Coronavirus Briefing: What Happened Today?


The third phase is after Labor Day, which Paige recommends. Vaccination rates will be high, most businesses and attractions will have opened, and “the weather is generally fine and the crowds are calm”.

What should I expect on the pitch?

“That lively Parisian cafe you once loved is maybe a little less bustling, and for that reason you might find it less charming,” Sarah said. But overall, the day-to-day experience, which will include some level of masking and a lot of life on the outside, will be familiar to many Americans, she said.

That said, this is the year to do your research, rather than fly away: “Museums, concert halls, churches and typical tourist attractions are open, but people need to be prepared for capacity and requirements. limited hours, ”Sarah said. “And many attractions require timed tickets with reservations, so traveling this summer is really an exercise in planning and commitment.”

Where should I go?

“Right now, people might not want to go to a crowded city, walk around and go to museums – they want to be outside,” Paige said. “And Europe has beautiful regions to get away from it all in nature. I think if you ever go off the beaten track and are looking for some natural landscapes to explore in Europe, this is the summer to do it.

Some suggestions from Paige: Explore the French Alps or the northern German coast. Hike in northern Spain or the Julian Alps in Slovenia. Go on a bear watching safari in Croatia. Or visit the “virgin” Swiss national park.

Advice for traveling in Europe?

“I definitely took these multi-week European trips that started in one country and ended in another, with rental cars, regional planes, trains and buses,” Sarah said. “It’s a certain type of European adventure that I think so many people enjoy. But in my opinion, this is not the year to plan this kind of trip. I think now is the time to pick a place and stay there.

Travelers should generally expect longer queues, more checkpoints and more headaches at regional airports, train stations and other transit hubs, she said. You’ll also need to do some extra planning this year “so it might be nice to also give yourself some downtime where you don’t have a set route so you can walk around and enjoy your destination.”


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