Delhi and Kolkata among world’s noisiest cities, according to UN report, UP’s Moradabad ranks second in the world

New delhi: Five Indian cities, including the national capital, have been ranked among the noisiest in the world according to the United Nations Environment Programlast report. According to the recent ‘Annual Border Report 2022‘, from Uttar Pradesh Moradabad came second overall for noise pollutionwhile capitals like Delhi, Kolkata and Jaipur find themselves in a good place.

According to the report, Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka, is the noisiest city in the world, while Islamabad in Pakistan comes third. In total, the list ranks 61 cities – including 13 from South Asia. Meanwhile, Irbid in Jordan was ranked as the quietest city, followed by Lyon in France and Madrid in Spain. The report clarified that the data was compiled from various published studies, which used different methodologies.

According to the 1999 WHO guidelines for community noise, recommended limits are 55 dB LAeq for outdoor residential areas and 70 dB LAeq for traffic and commercial areas. In contrast, Moradabad has a noise pollution level of 119 dB, while Kolkata and Asansol have 89 dB, Jaipur has 84 dB and Delhi 83 dB.

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The report surfaces at a time when many have spoken out against India’s poor performance in the 2021 World Air Quality Report. As the country ranked fifth on the ‘most polluted’ list – ahead of Bangladesh, Chad, Pakistan and Tajikistan – Delhi has been dubbed the world’s most polluted capital for the fourth consecutive year. According to the report, 35 of the 50 cities with the worst air quality in the world were in India.

The global air quality report released by Swiss organization IQAir on Tuesday is based on PM2.5 data from 6,475 cities in 117 countries. According to the report, major sources of air pollution in India include vehicle emissions, power generation, industrial waste, biomass burning for cooking, construction sector and episodic events like crop burning.

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