Dramatic moment cars wash out on the road in Spain as map shows UK holiday hotspots hit by horror floods

This is the dramatic moment cars are swept away on a road in Spain as UK holiday hotspots are hit by horror floods.

Video circulating online shows parked vehicles floating on a road in Tarragona as heavy rain continues to hit the popular destination.


Heavy rain washed away cars in Spain as emergency services are inundated with calls for helpCredit: Twitter
Heavy rain hit Alicante and Benidorm causing flash flooding


Heavy rain hit Alicante and Benidorm causing flash floodingCredit: Youtube-Olive Press


Benidorm and parts of Valencia were also hit by heavy rain on Friday, leaving cars overturned and homes completely destroyed.

Police cordoned off the road as six to seven cars were swept away by fierce floodwaters.

There was enough rain to drip onto the roofs of parked vehicles.

Another clip showed a suburb outside Tarragona engulfed in floodwaters.

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On Friday, the Meteorological Service of Catalonia recorded more than 100mm – 3.9 inches – of rainfall in the region.

Local rescue teams responded to 759 calls for help, 460 of which alone involved flooding.

Meanwhile, residents of the Valencia region are bracing for wilder weather after torrential rains hit local beaches and flooded town centers last weekend.

Damage was recorded to homes and businesses as far north as Castellon de la Plana and 70km south of Valencia in Elche.

On Wednesday, the National Meteorological Agency (Aemet) issued a yellow warning for the Alicante region.

Residents were told to prepare for hailstorms and about 20 liters of rain per square meter in an hour, according to Olive Press.

The same yellow warning was issued for neighboring Valencia.

In Barcelona, ​​authorities have been forced to move festivities linked to the city’s biggest carnival, La Merce, indoors following warnings of heavy rain and tornado-level winds.

The warnings came after high winds and biblical levels of rainfall landed in Benidorm.

The popular British tourist site received 91 liters of rain per square meter in just one hour last Sunday morning.

The nearby area of ​​Senija was hit with 100 liters per square meter and Serra Gelada received 88.2 liters per square meter.

In Alicante, emergency teams responded to 36 calls for help due to the flash flooding while terraces and basements quickly flooded Benidorm’s main streets, such as Avenida Mediterraneo.

Locals and tourists were spotted wading through the rising waters with bin bags over their legs while a British holidaymaker took the opportunity to swim naked.

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Aemet warned that conditions would “barely vary” over the weekend as showers and storms moved from the coast and further inland.

Warnings have also been issued for the Balearic Islands and southern Spain.

Weather warnings remain in place for much of Spain's east coast


Weather warnings remain in place for much of Spain’s east coastCredit: Youtube-Olive Press

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