Fans have their say as Wrexham steps up search for new manager


SUPPORTERS would like to see Wrexham name a manager who has been successful at the non-league level as Dean Keates’ successor.

The search for a new boss has started. Keates has said he will not be offered a new contract after the Reds fail to secure a play-off berth and spend a 14th season at fifth tier.

Acrington boss John Coleman and Newport boss Michael Flynn both won promotion to the Football League with their respective clubs while Nigel Clough, currently in charge of Mansfield, put Burton Albion on track. of the title before leaving for Derby.

The trio are highly regarded for the role, with some fans hoping former Welsh managers Mark Hughes from Ruabon and Chris Coleman get the green light while other men have been offered by supporters for the vacant position.

SHANEG JONES: “My choice for the new manager is Nigel Clough.”

HOWIE SMITH: “I think Michael Flynn will be leaving Newport as he has been undermined by the board and now they have hired Darren Kelly for a 3 year contract as athletic director. Maybe worth it ..

ROBBO: “Mr. Clough, he’s got all the experience and there’s a certain Fleur connection. ”

DAVID DUFFEY: “Jim Gannon. A manager who has the gift of having the right players and the right balance and who has proven himself at the level of the National League.

NATHAN FULLER: “I honestly think Andy Morrison could do a job at Wrexham but I guess they’ll want a bigger name.”

CRAIG JONES: “It’s a shame Graham Alexander seems happy at Motherwell because I think he would have been perfect.

Derek Adams also did wonders in Morecambe, but I imagine he would stay there now.

ZACK HAZELDENE: “John Coleman or Dave Challinor, exciting times for the club and the fans, we deserve it more than anyone.”

ALREADY SONEN: “Chris or John Coleman.”

ANDY DAVIES: “Keith Hill, did a great job in Rochdale.”

CALEB PUMFORD: “Kevin Nolan or Michael Flynn.”

JASON: “Tony Pulis.”

PALE GINGER: “Chris Coleman.”

MIKE LEWIS: “John Coleman for me.”

JOHN BENNETT: “Sparky for me. ”

PAUL EDWARDS: “Chris Coleman.”

SAM TAYLOR: “John Coleman definitely. ”

OZ: “Anyone who could guide us out of this hell hole. But I pray that we don’t get sentimental and hire a former manager. ”

Y CAERAS: “Graeme Jones.”


JIM LEIGHTON: “Mark Hughes… yes I said it. Mark Hughes!

SEANY PRINCE: “Director of Newport (Michael Flynn). ”

DEZZLAAAA: “John Coleman without a doubt.”


MARK EDWARDS: “Nigel Clough knows this league, he’s been there and done it. ”

JACA: “Graham Alexander. ”

THOMAS WYNNE LEWIS: “Mike Flynn or Chris Coleman.”

ROBERT WILLIAMS: “Dave Challinor. ”

LIAM BRAISDELL: “Chris Coleman.”

RHYS N WILLIAMS: “Nigel Clough would be my first choice. ”

JAMIE HEATH: “Dave Challinor or John Coleman for me.”

COLIN D: “Nathan Jones. ”

KIRK WOOLLEY: “Ian Holloway.”

HONZ: “Darren Ferguson for me. No chance, but I can dream.

SEAN: “Who can we attract now? Can we now attract some well-known names from Football League? My hunch is that we will see a stranger who has been a successful coach elsewhere. ”

MATTHEW SUTTON: “The new club profile, and the spotlight that will now be on it, means the new incumbent needs to have a bit of ego / personality. Maybe even a duo of managers used to working with a decent budget and who have proven themselves in this league? ”

WJONA DEVITT: “My managerial knowledge is not up to par, but I would like to see a modern coaching setup, looking to the future and using analysis and data, but also a good manager because we are going to have a lot of focus on us and maybe on bigger egos than we’ve known before. ”


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