Giant hailstones kill one child and injure 30 in Spain

The deadliest hailstorm in history was the one that hit the Indian city of Moradabad in 1888.

Nearly 250 people were killed after being hit by hail the size of oranges.

The record for the largest hailstone is the one that fell in Vivian, South Dakota, in 2010.

It weighed about 878 grams and measured almost eight inches in diameter.

Tourists traveling to Spain were warned earlier this month that they could be caught in rare Mediterranean hurricanes.

Experts said the risk of tropical-like cyclones called Medicanes had increased with this year’s record heatwaves hitting the UK’s favorite holiday destination and rising sea temperatures blamed on global warming.

Oceanographer and meteorological expert Yurima Celdran, a graduate in marine science who went on to do a master’s in meteorology, said: ‘The higher Mediterranean temperatures provide a greater source of energy for medics and amplify their destructiveness.

“Sea temperatures this fall are expected to be above normal and if the necessary atmospheric conditions are in place, it would not be unreasonable to think that the Mediterranean could harbor a drug this year.

Torrential rains, terrifying thunderstorms and flash floods in September 2019 that hit the provinces of Alicante and Murcia claimed the lives of seven people.

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