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Holidays for the British were not planned due to the ban on international travel. However, British holidaymakers who have been vaccinated or who return with a negative coronavirus test may be able to travel to France from June 9, according to the leaked plans.

President Emmanuel Macron plans to ease national restrictions on May 2, which includes lifting travel restrictions and easing the curfew currently in place.

Hoping that the number of daily Covid-19 cases will soon begin to drop, France hopes to welcome vacationers again from June 9.

The leaked plan specifies that the country will reopen its restaurant terraces in mid-May and hopefully return to some normalcy by June 30.

If all goes according to plan, the easing of restrictions will see French tourist hotspots reopen fully nine days after the UK.

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Those returning from redlisted destinations are to test on days two and eight of their stay in hotel quarantine, however, the cost of these tests is included in the £ 1,1750 hotel quarantine package paid to the government.

It is believed that PCR tests could cost as much as £ 300.

Under current lockdown rules, international travel is illegal until May 17 under the non-lockdown roadmap.

The Office of Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development (FCDO) explained that the health situation in France remains “serious” and that the British can only enter the country for certain reasons.

There are concerns that several countries are not on the cards this year, as coronavirus cases in some countries are still significant.

In a bid to revive tourism in Turkey, President Tayyip Erdogan has ruled social activities and travel to try to bring the numbers down.

It is believed that 2.5 million British holidaymakers visited Turkey in 2019, with tourism being its main income.

Since the start of the pandemic, Turkey has recorded a total of 4.63 million causes of coronavirus, with a toll of nearly 40,000.

The total number of daily cases in Turkey peaked above 63,000 on April 15 and has declined slightly since, but is it enough for tourist hotspots to reopen?

Officials said a full shutdown of the country would be needed for the vacation to be scheduled.

An official told Reuters: “The cases… have been falling for a few days, but it is not enough.

“A full shutdown will be on the cabinet’s agenda and this option should be implemented.”

Turkey is one of the countries that has said it will welcome travelers again even if they have not yet been vaccinated.

Instead, international arrivals will be required to show proof of a negative PCR test performed within a certain time frame.

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