Katara exhibition draws attention to the dangers of plastic pollution

The Italian Embassy, ​​in partnership with Katara – the Cultural Village, opened a unique exhibition in Building 19 on Sunday, showcasing the works of Qatari artist Fatima Mohammed and Italian artist Elisabetta Farina aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution.
“I would like to thank the two artists… for enlightening us with their works, through their imagination, allowing us to understand that this problem is beyond human understanding in a way, it takes art to really, in a way, through art and irony to bring to light this incredible program that we all have to face, which is pollution, not only of the ocean but also of the land ”, said Italian Ambassador Alessandro Prunas in his speech .
The exhibition, titled “Plastic Seas: Eco-Fables on Show”, which will run until October 2, is the brainchild of art projects by Farina and Mohammed, who have partnered with the Italian Embassy in Doha to attract local attention to the global climate emergency.

The event was attended by the Director General of Katara, Professor Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti, the Regional Director of Unesco and representative in the GCC and Yemen Anna Paolini; British Ambassador Jon Wilks; Director of Strategic Initiatives and Partnership Development in the Office of the CEO of the Qatar Foundation (QF), and Head of the QF delegation attending the Pre-Conference of the Parties (COP) 26 Aysha Abdulhameed AJ al-Mudahka; Education first and foremost pre-COP26 delegate Dana K al-Anzy; the Executive Director of the Arab Youth Climate Movement of Qatar and Qatari Youth Representative in Milan Neeshad Shafi; and Qatar Youth Representative in Milan Fatima Abuhaliqa.
“Environmental degradation and climate change undermine the rights to health and well-being of many communities whose survival is threatened. These issues must be urgently addressed by the international community before it is too late, ”added the envoy.
The exhibition also underlines the urgency of ridding seas, like land, of plastic pollution, which is reflected in the works of the two artists.
“I hope the show will raise awareness of the (dangers) of plastic pollution and how we should try to protect the environment,” said Mohammed, whose work focuses on the social anatomy of the Persian Gulf and its evolution over time.
Mohammed’s works also present “the grim reality of plastic islands” in the ocean: patches of plastic debris floating and deep in wasteland, following the wanderings and explorations of Anaj, the character she has. created.
The eco-fables presented – through art installations, design objects, photos and projections – aim to highlight how climate change seriously threatens the earth and the presence of man.
Farina praised Mohammed’s work and thanked Professor al-Sulaiti, Prunas and Embassy officials for their contribution to the event, which she hopes “to make a small contribution to raise awareness about this huge environmental issue and urgent”.
This year, Italy is leading these efforts to protect the environment by assuming the presidency of the G20 and co-chairing COP26 with the United Kingdom, a key step in the global fight against climate change.

Ahead of COP26, Italy is hosting in Milan from September 30 to October 2 a preparatory meeting called the pre-COP, which provides a selected group of countries with an informal setting to discuss and exchange views on some key political aspects ahead of the event. .
Italy is also committed to increasing the engagement of non-state actors by hosting during the pre-COP a series of initiatives promoted by non-profit organizations, associations and civil society.
“I am very happy that Qatar has ensured the participation of a large delegation led by QF with a full program of very interesting activities.
“This proves that our countries’ commitment at government level against climate change is deeply shared and supported by our people, especially the younger generations. I am also very happy that two young delegates from Qatar have been selected to participate in the youth event “Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition”, said Prunas, congratulating Abuhaliqa and Shafi.
At the event in Milan, Abuhaliqa and Shafi, added the envoy, “will have the chance, together with other young participants from all over the world, to present ideas and concrete proposals on some of the most pressing issues of the climate agenda. . “
For his part, al-Mudahka said, “At QF, we believe we are playing a key role in supporting the nation’s vision for a sustainable future. Over the past 25 years, we have made significant investments in social development, research and innovation, and education, all of which are integral to building a nation that not only reflects environmental sustainability, but sustainability in all its forms.
“As we push our efforts further, we are very happy to participate in Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition which will take place in Milan next week. Through our active participation, we demonstrate how we believe that sustainability should be consistently at the top of the global agenda, and that conversations about how to build a more sustainable world should take place where the most urgent action is. required.
Al-Anzy, meanwhile, said: “In times of environmental crisis, the provision of education is usually the first service delivery to be affected, forcing many children to drop out of school. The most marginalized may not return to school at all due to economic hardship. Our programs have adapted an approach to tackle climate change as a global challenge with the support of our strategic partner QFFD. “
In a press release, Wilks said: “On behalf of the UK Government and the British Embassy in Doha, I am delighted to be part of the launch of this exhibition. This event draws attention to one of the most pressing issues contributing to the degradation of the global environment. I wish all participants success in mobilizing the public for decisive actions aimed at limiting pollution and preserving a sustainable marine environment for all.
Paolini, on the other hand, said: “The UN has declared the decade 2021-2030 the decade of ocean science for sustainable development. Unesco is a major partner in leading the decade through its International Oceanic Commission.
“From the many statements and appeals from the United Nations, experts and activists, each of us is now aware of the urgency to change behavior in the way we start and in the decision we make. Raising awareness of the criticality we face in the world also goes through events like this. While we admire the art, let us not forget to act ”.

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