La Niña means dry weather for Brazil

After rainy weather last week, the weekend of October 23 is getting drier for much of southern Brazil.

In fact, most states that experienced above normal precipitation last week will see precipitation trends reverse as below normal precipitation prevails.

The exception will be Minas Gerais which is expected to experience the seventh third wettest week of October in more than 30 years, according to data from WeatherTrends360. The wetter weather was encouraging news for farmers planting corn and soybeans in the state.

Drier trends will extend from Mato Grosso do Sul south to Rio Grande do Sul during the third week of October. It will be one of the third driest weeks of October in more than 30 years in southern Brazil and much of the main high-season corn growing region, according to WeatherTrends360.

Weather in Brazil

Temperatures in the region will be below normal during the third week of October and it is expected to be one of the coolest since 1991 for the main soybean growing region of Brazil.

Despite the forecast for below-average rainfall, soybean planting progress has been much faster than in recent years in Brazil, AgRural reported last week. However, hurdles await us in the 2021/2022 growing season as La Niña has reappeared, as expected, resulting in drier risks for Brazil.

On October 14, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center officially declared that La Niña has redeveloped. During La Niña, producing areas of Brazil are at higher risk of below normal rainfall and drought. Given the past dry conditions in this region, the continued signal of dry weather is likely to be a major headwind for Brazil’s agriculture industry in the months to come. La Niña is expected to persist until the start of the fall 2022 season in Brazil.

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