Latest travel restrictions in Spain, Greece and Italy after rules update ahead of holiday season

Spain, Greece and Italy are all popular tourist destinations that are expected to be busy this summer.

The three European countries have announced major changes to their travel rules in recent weeks.

From Covid jabs to mask rules, many major restrictions are being relaxed.

For the most part, things look like a return to normal at holiday resorts, although there are still rules in each destination that travelers should be aware of.

Here’s everything UK holidaymakers need to know about updated rules in Spain, Greece and Italy.


Spain has eased travel rules for unvaccinated UK holidaymakers

At the end of May, Spain eased a number of travel restrictions, now allowing those who have not had coronavirus to enter the country by showing a negative PCR or antigen test on arrival.

Those who are stung and boosted can bypass testing as long as they can prove their vaccinated status.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs guidelines for Spain state: “Your vaccination date(s) must be specified and your final dose must have been administered within 270 days of your trip to Spain.

“If you have completed your vaccination (with both doses of a 2-dose vaccine or one dose of a single-dose vaccine) more than 270 days before your trip to Spain, you must be able to prove that you have received a booster shot.

Speaking on the changes, Spain’s Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto said: “This is great news, much awaited by the tourism sector.”


Tourists and tourist boats in famous Navagio bay, Zakynthos island, Greece.  Navagio beach with the old shipwreck is one of the main tourist spots on the island of Zakynthos in Greece - next to the shipwreck it is the turquoise sea that makes this place so famous.
Face masks will no longer have to be worn in most places from June 1

Earlier this week, Greece announced it would lift its mask rules in most places.

With the exception of spaces where the risk of spread is higher or people more at risk, UK holidaymakers will be allowed to go mask-free when visiting the country.

The UK Foreign Office guidelines read: “From June 1, it is only compulsory to wear a mask on public transport and in hospitals and aged care facilities.

“In all other spaces, there is no legal obligation to wear a mask.”

Last month, key Covid rules, such as showing proof of vaccination to enter restaurants, bars and clubs, were also scrapped.

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Covid entry requirements have been scrapped in Italy for holidaymakers

Italy has scrapped all of its Covid rules, now allowing travelers to enter the country without having to show proof of their vaccinations or a negative test result.

All holidaymakers entering Italy by plane, ferry or coach must, however, continue to wear an FFP2 mask to enter the country.

There are also still mask rules at a number of indoor events, in cinemas and on public transport.

Italy was considered the European epicenter of the virus, but the latest data from the Italian government shows that Covid cases in the country continue to fall.

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