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The big California burrito was a revelation and a meal in one. The tasty chicken was minced and rolled up with pico de gallo (chopped tomato, onion, cilantro), Cotija cheese, cream and fries. Seemingly a San Diego staple, we say it’s another blow to poor Chargers who moved to LA because it’s so good.

The tender spicy carnitas tacos were easy to eat as the LCT doubles the corn tortillas, which can get soggy. The outer tortilla is toasted, which gives it stability, while the inside remains soft. The thin and fresh chips were ideal for the creamy and spicy queso.

Our take out was delicious. In fact, older people opposed to tacos lapped up the LCT with a “that’s really good” seal of approval. (The niece plans to lobby for a location in Hamburg.)

El Wedo was a basic ground beef taco, but solid and seasoned with lettuce, pico, cream and cheddar cheese.

The chicken roll tacos were fantastic. Three fried taquito-style tacos were topped with guacamole, cream, pico de gallo, and cheese. Oh so tasty.

Death Tacos came folded and fried. Topped with pico and cheese, the spicy braised pork and creamy melted cheese inside was juicy. Root’s recipe comes from the mother of a childhood friend and is named after a car crash in a youngster who blamed said tacos.

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