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Los Angeles will join London as host of the Olympics three times in 2028, with the 2024 Games in Paris and the 2032 celebration in Brisbane. But with the International Olympic Committee’s new hosting process seeing Games chiefs identify a “preferred” candidate, Mr Khan said he could see London lead another bid following the success of 2012.

Mr Khan said: “We are working on a plan to bring the Olympics back to London.

“We need to make sure future Games are green – and our plan would be to have the greenest Games ever.

“The great thing about London is that we wouldn’t need to spend carbon on building a new stadium, bike lane or swimming pool because we already have all the kit – so watch that space.”

Mr Khan was speaking after lighting an anniversary flame in Queen Elizabeth Park, marking 10 years since the 2012 Games.

The first London could bid for a Games would be 2036, with Paris already set to host the next Olympics in 2024, followed by Los Angeles in 2028 and Brisbane all but confirmed for 2032.

The IOC traditionally awards Games to a host city seven years in advance, although it has changed the process following criticism over the huge sums spent on bids, including Russia’s bid for the Winter Olympics of 2014.

The IOC has also urged potential bidders to submit better environmental plans for all future Games.

Mr Khan added: “With the next three Games linked, there is no pressure on the IOC.

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