Mapping culinary tourism in Europe through restaurant reservations

From Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris to Rome’s pizza vendors to Lisbon’s mouth-watering pastéis de nata, European culinary specialties and the quality of its restaurants – as well as their diversity – are such that food-loving travelers have plenty of options. . And this summer, vacationers have certainly found themselves stuck in the menu of culinary delights across the continent. By Travel + Leisure

With the resurgence of tourism, following the reopening of borders and the relaxation – or abandonment – ​​of travel restrictions, travelers are back on the road and back on the restaurant trail. Inspired by the ever-growing selection of foodie guides and specialist foodie media, this tasty approach to travel was already in full swing before the pandemic. According to the tourist office of the Paris Ile-de-France region, 13.1 million tourists who chose to visit the French capital and its region discovered French gastronomy in 2018.

This is how travelers map culinary tourism in Europe

At the time, these travelers were spending some 8.9 billion Euros (7,08,19,11,28,143 INR). In an in-depth study, Visit Paris Region found that international travelers who came to sample the local cuisine were on average 39 years old, while French people who came to the capital for the same reason were a little older, at 43. As for foreign visitors, Americans are the most gourmet clientele (14.3%).

Now that the summer season is over, we can better understand how tourists enjoy European culinary delights thanks to The Fork, the first restaurant reservation network on the Old Continent (and in Australia). The platform lists nearly 60,000 restaurants in 12 countries. Based on reservations made in July and August with its partner restaurants, La Fourchette concludes that it was a “record summer”. Compared to last year, bookings increased by 11% Europe-wide, and even exceeded those of 2019 – the pre-pandemic reference year – by around 3%.

Italy is a culinary favorite

Unsurprisingly, given its countless opportunities to eat well and at a lower cost, Italy is the continent’s top culinary destination for The Fork’s international guests. It is the European country that generates the largest share of international bookings (29%), ahead of Spain (22%) and France (20%).

French travelers have a particular taste for Italian culinary tourism (39%), with Spanish and Portuguese restaurants attracting fewer French travelers (25% and 18% respectively). And the feeling is mutual, it seems, since Italians come out on top of tourists booking restaurants during their holidays in France (17%).

Travelers from the United Kingdom are almost as numerous (16%), far ahead of visitors from Germany (9%), Belgium (8%) and the Netherlands (7%). When foreign visitors come to France and decide to eat, they logically choose French cuisine, and to a lesser extent Italian or even Japanese restaurants. In terms of bookings made by international visitors by city, rather than country, Paris leads with 8% of international visits, ahead of Barcelona (5%) and Lisbon (5%).

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