Morocco’s National Tourist Office unveils its revitalization plans

Rabat – The Moroccan National Tourism Office (ONMT) unveiled on April 22 the new devices it will use to secure the economic recovery of the Moroccan tourism sector after COVID-19.

During the presentation of ONMTIn the Casablanca recovery plan, the office unveiled its new approach to marketing at the international, national and institutional levels. The new approach will affect three main aspects of the sector, namely international tourism, domestic tourism and the institutional aspect.

The VisitMorocco brand, intended to promote Morocco as an international tourist destination, has been overhauled to ensure its relevance. The ONMT also revealed the brand “Ntla9awfbladna”, which roughly translates to “Meet us”, which will promote internal tourism in Morocco among locals and Moroccans residing abroad. The last part of the recovery plan is in the form of the “ONMT” brand, which will work on a visual brand change and promote tourism at the institutional level, seeking to extend its influence on the professional and institutional ecosystem.

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“It has been a little over a year since the tourism sector was hit hard by the pandemic. Despite the complexity of the issues related to the health situation in recent months, we have done extensive work on many fronts, such as market research, branding or product strategy, to put the right tools in place. for recovery, ”explained OMNT Director General Adel El Fakir.

El Fakir also noted that the various studies carried out by the office have enabled the ONMT “to precisely identify the perceptions around the destination, its positioning and the motivations of its potential visitors”.

The ONMT will launch next week the national campaign “Nta9awfbladna”, with the aim of reinforcing the feeling of belonging of Moroccans, and will invite the inhabitants to rediscover their country.

At the international level, Morocco will revitalize its VisitMorocco campaign on the international scene. It will initially be launched in France, Spain, UK, Germany, Israel and other major source markets.

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