! Murcia Today – Region of Murcia protests against requirement for UK tourists to prove their funds

Publication date: 08/08/2022

Spain forces British holidaymakers to spend 100 euros a day

The issue has been well publicized in Spain and Britain, with tour operators and the Foreign Office warning that passengers arriving from the UK may be randomly checked and should have certain documents ready for inspection.

Now business owners in the Region of Murcia fear the requirement will impact UK tourism, which is most important to the community.

From January to September 2021, the UK remained the largest transmitter of international tourism for the Murcian community, with 70,187 visitors, or 30.5% of the total. Over this same period, British holidaymakers are also those who spent the most (75.9 million euros).

From the point of view of the Ministry of Tourism, the “arbitrary actions” of the central government only serve to “reduce the competitiveness of Spain as a tourist destination compared to other markets”.

If the Spanish government continues to impose these restrictions on British travellers, “other countries, if they are a little smart, will take advantage” and “steal” tourists who could be under the sun of Murcia, he said. he concluded.

Image: Pixabay

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