! Murcia Today – Renfe suspends Madrid-Alicante ticket sales ahead of summer season

Publication date: 06/13/2022

Sale of tickets from the Spanish capital to Alicante have been suspended since June 30

As temperatures begin to soar and hundreds of thousands of residents of SpainThe capital of Madrid is planning long-awaited breaks on the Alicante coastline, train company Renfe has suspended ticket sales from June 30 – just at the start of the summer season.

The company denies that sales have actually been suspended, but the reality is that passengers trying to book seats on the Madrid-Alicante route from the end of this month cannot. This decision was described as “unacceptable” and the central government is invited to “rectify the situation”.

The fact that travelers are currently unable to purchase seats after June 30 has upended the holiday plans of thousands of people who had booked hotels or apartments in Alicante and now have to find alternative transport. .

However, Renfe assured that it “has not suspended the sale of tickets between Madrid and Alicante” and that the company “awaits the establishment of the new traffic patterns that will allow sales to be restored from July 1”. .

“This is normal procedure in the rail system around the world, and in Spain it has happened or is happening on other lines and services. In this way, we are working to avoid any disruption for passengers. passengers,” the rail company said in a press release.

Nevertheless, the regional Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of the Community of Madrid, David Pérez, asked the central government to “revoke the decision”.

“No minimally responsible manager can think of a worse time to suspend the AVE between Madrid and Alicante when so many hundreds of thousands of Madrid citizens choose this province for their holidays and there are so many connections between the two provinces “, Perez said.

Adding that the timing “is inopportune and the decision is unacceptable”, the minister demanded that “the AVE between Madrid and Alicante not be suspended on June 30 or at any other time”.

Image: Renfe

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