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David Hilderman is in many ways the opposite of incumbent Elizabeth May, as he attempts to replace her as MP for Saanich Gulf-Islands under the People’s Party of Canada banner.

An engineer by training, Hilderman believes the climate is changing, but doesn’t think human-made greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are primarily responsible for this change despite overwhelming evidence. He says no one, including the combined scientific community, really knows why the climate is changing.

“It could be sunspots, it could even be tectonic elements, like volcanic elements under the ocean,” he said. “Like I said, it’s a very complex system.

While Hilderman calls for action to mitigate the effects of this changing climate like forest fires through larger water reservoirs and better forest management, he opposes efforts to decarbonize the economy because they would place Canada at a competitive economic disadvantage relative to its economic competitors impoverishes Canadians and ultimately makes no difference.

“We feel like this (climate change) is catastrophic,” he said. So who spins it? “I don’t know,” he said. “All I do is look at the facts,” he said.

Hilderman said earlier he was trying to live his life in a way that would reduce GHGs, only to find evidence that shows the rate of sea level rise in Victoria has not changed in 110 years , citing sea level trend data recorded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

“You can go anywhere in the world and the rates of sea level rise don’t change,” he said. “They are the same as they have been for 110 years.”

(What Hilderman fails to acknowledge is that sea level is rising and that NOAA is making an important distinction between local and global sea level while so far pointing to the Intergovernmental Panel on the climate change warning of rising sea levels globally).

Hilderman also laments that the public never hears about the fact that carbon dioxide increases plant growth rates. “So we never think, ‘OK, we put carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it warms the planet, but is there something good about it? “” (While experts have found evidence for the described effect and research raises the prospect of improved agriculture in some areas, any gain will need to be weighed against the loss of existing ecosystems and already productive agricultural areas).

Hilderman said the evidence shocked him and motivated him to run for the People’s Party of Canada.

“We cannot save the world by destroying ourselves,” he said. “All it is is a signal of virtue.”

Efforts to shift Canada’s economy towards renewable energy sources like wind turbines and solar panels will actually damage the environment and make no difference, he said.

Hilderman’s arguably selective reading of the available evidence, the scientific community’s rejection of its findings and ruminations on unseen forces driving a catastrophic narrative begs the obvious question: Is Hilderman a conspiracy theorist?

“I have no idea if there is a conspiracy,” he said. “The amounts (of money spent on climate research around the world) are increasing. Universities want to get their funding.

When it comes to local race, Hilderman knows he is confronting one of the most familiar voices in Canadian environmentalism with a message directly opposite to his own. “That’s actually another reason I run,” he said. “I think other people need to look at this data.”

Hilderman is the second candidate the People’s Party of Canada presented in as many elections. In the fall 2019 election, Ron Broda garnered 929 votes.

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