Prehistoric Arnaules Bridge – Manresa, Spain

The bridge is located inside the Geopark of Central Catalonia. Over 36 million years ago, there was a sea in the geographic heart of Catalonia. The waters fell as the region’s mountain ranges rose, a process that left some stunning rock formations. This natural bridge made up of the fossilized remains of ancient sea creatures is one such spectacular piece of stone.

The prehistoric Arnaules Bridge, also known as Pont Foradat (Perforated Bridge), is located near the town of Manresa in the area known as Les Arnaules. It is a long strip of limestone, particularly hard and resistant to erosion, which has been separated from the slope where a small stream flows, forming a natural rock bridge that connects the two sides. The erosive action of the torrent emptied the material below, isolating the slender rocky bridge.

If we look at it closely, better where it has fractured, we will see that it is made of tiny round fossils that look like lenses. These fossils are nummulites, the remains of ancient marine life. Their calcium carbonate skeletons are now the stone of this bridge. The layer of nummulitic limestone that forms the natural bridge measures 27 meters in total length and a width of between 85 centimeters and 2.7 meters. It is suspended 10.7 meters above the water.

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