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Partnership events are unique opportunities for biotechs to present their projects to potential investors and obtain funding. These meetings are complemented by trade shows, presentations and networking events. BIOSPAIN 2021 will integrate all these elements into a hybrid conference compatible with a pandemic that could become a meeting event for the international biotechnology industry.

In its tenth edition, BIOSPAIN 2021 Рwhich took place from September 27 to October 1 in Pamplona-Iru̱a, Spain Рis the third largest biotechnology partnership event in Europe. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, organizers have set up an innovative hybrid event online on site. The organizers are AseBio, the Spanish Association of Bioindustry, the Regional Government of Navarre and Sodena, the Regional Economic Development Organization and the host of BIOSPAIN 2021..

Reinventing partner events

After hosting numerous on-site meetings in Spain, AseBio initiated its digital transition in 2020, when it hosted its first online investor meeting and was surprised to see it could double the number of foreign investors. Additionally, many smaller biotechs have taken the opportunity to join us, reaching out to investors in the critical start-up phase, when travel budgets are typically tight.

This year’s BIOSPAIN will be held in Pamplona-Iruña, the capital of the Navarre region, and a scientific hub for biotechnology, renewable energies, food and agriculture. It will offer a combination of on-site networking opportunities and site visits, an online trade show, presentations and panels that will be accessible simultaneously on-site and online, as well as pre-recorded lectures that will be available online at the request. .

The organizers expect around 1,500 biotech delegates in total, of whom about half will be able to join on site, depending on the pandemic situation.

At the heart of the event are over 3,000 partnership meetings, which can be joined from anywhere in the world, with a dedicated private space made available to those in attendance. These meetings will be held between investors and companies in order to identify opportunities for collaboration and investment.

Untapped investment potential to BIOSPAIN

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Spain is home to the tenth largest biotechnology community in the world, offering significant potential for industrial collaborations and business opportunities. As a result, investors and companies around the world have already confirmed their attendance at BIOSPAIN 2021, including platinum sponsors Merck KGaA and ICEX Spain Trade and Investment, and silver sponsors 3P Biopharmaceuticals, Asabys Partners and Promega.

With the onset of the pandemic last year, the health and life science industries are becoming even more relevant than before. BIOSPAIN is a great opportunity to make the most of all the relevant companies and projects that we can find in this industry in Spain“said Susana de Antonio, head of the EU Tech Hub and representative of Spain at Euronext, also one of the silver sponsors.

Our uninterrupted participation in BIOSPAIN since the start of our investment activity has enabled us to see its usefulness as a meeting point for various national and international players to forge new links. This is a great opportunity to experience the potential first hand.

Pilar Irigoien, Managing Director of Sodena said: “Hosting BIOSPAIN this year is more important than ever as it shows that Navarre is one of the most committed regions at state level in the health sector.

“It also contributes to promoting and energizing the health sector at European level, in the fields of research, technology transfer, entrepreneurship and the development of new projects, ultimately strengthening the health sector as a industry that will continue to attract talent and resources. ; and it has been declared so essential at times like the ones we are living now.

Find answers to health and climate crises

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The conference presentations and panels cover the latest developments in the health field, including the manufacture of immunotherapy and gene therapy. In addition, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the biotechnology industry will be discussed, highlighting the importance of pharma-biotech-public collaborations and the integration of digital technologies in the development of new therapies. This includes personalized medicine, one of the main strategic areas of the Navarre region.

In addition, new agricultural techniques developed in response to climate change will be presented: trends in food biotechnology, new genomic methods, and the challenges of climate change and industrial transformation.

BIOSPAIN 2021 will bring together the main players who contribute to the search for innovative solutions both for the health crisis caused by Covid-19 and for the success of the green transitionSaid Ana Polanco, President of AseBio and Director of Market Access and Corporate Affairs at Merck.

BIOSPAIN 2021: a biotechnology meeting event compatible with a pandemic

Biospain, Biospain 2021, partnership event, biotech conference

While host city tours and personal networking can only be enjoyed on site, the online sections of BIOSPAIN 2021 are open to a much wider audience. The hybrid conference setup reduces travel costs and carbon emissions. In fact, more than a third of the participants – both biotechs and investors – come from countries other than Spain.

Local partners encourage city tours to take advantage of the opportunities offered by face-to-face networking. In addition, Sodena is committed to sustainable development and responsible investment, has already organized the first professional event with a positive carbon footprint and wishes to continue working in this direction in the future.

As stated by Philippe Monteyne, Partner at Fund +: “I attended my first BIOSPAIN in 2018 when Fund + took the lead of the largest Biotech investment of that year in Spain, with Minoryx. Since then, I have participated in several events organized by AseBio, as well as the Investor Day.

We look forward to repeating BIOSPAIN this special year, where internationalization is the key to consolidate our sector. BIOSPAIN allows us to find new opportunities, and Spain has several interesting projects that can attract international investors like us.

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