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Ed Reynolds

Governor Glenn Youngkin’s appointment of Andrew Wheeler to a key cabinet position in Virginia governance should inspire every Virginian to lean forward and take note.

Wheeler’s nomination failed, thank goodness! But “determined” fringe Governor Youngkin played the end game and brought “Lightning Rod” Wheeler aboard his administration as his “personal” energy adviser, with a taxpayer-funded salary of $185,000 a year. Go figure.

Let’s go back to Republican Youngkin’s campaign and review some of the current governor’s comments and promises.

Several media sources, including Wikipedia, recorded Youngkin as having said this about our changing climate:

“When asked if he accepted the scientific consensus on the ’cause’ of climate change, Youngkin replied that he didn’t know what ’caused’ climate change and the cause ultimately has no importance.” Really, Governor…?

That’s quite a statement regarding the “cause” of climate change, especially coming from such a skilled businessman as Glenn Youngkin seems to be.

People also read…

Then again, I guess other fringe Republican voters believe that earthworms turn into fireflies on the night of the first full moon in June!

Youngkin’s statement certainly doesn’t sound “in vogue” to scientists and engineers who are working diligently trying to solve the greatest global humanitarian crisis that Mother Earth and her people have ever faced.

Here is the message… as the Baptists say. Youngkin’s statement on the “unknown cause” of climate change defies cumulative scientific facts and hard evidence from 160 countries, 272 world-class global scientists, and all of the nation’s leading institutions of higher education, including Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia.

Youngkin’s comments challenge every major newspaper in the country, every major world religion, our major American science organizations, namely the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). His comments also challenge hundreds of Forbes 500 companies, Wall Street, every major global insurer and every major utility nationwide.

Congratulations, Governor Youngkin…you seem to have put yourself and your administration in a very special category on the national stage, and that is both embarrassing and troubling to most Virginia families.

In my view, Youngkin’s choice of words regarding the “cause” of our climate change is in fact in itself a disqualification of Youngkin himself from making sound, logical and appropriate future decisions on other major national and global issues. consequent, as they may apply. to the continued health and well-being of Virginia families.

It’s true, Governor Youngkin seems determined to roll back Virginia, and that should be very concerning. How far could that be? Only insofar as “We-The-People” allows him to do the same…

Reynolds is retired from a global engineering and technology company.

He lives in Roanoke.

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