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Spain City Badness Artist Roze Don has claimed that the former Spanish capital where he grew up is one of the most violent places in Jamaica and, therefore, is portrayed as such in the gritty piece and accompanying music video. .

Spain City Badness joins a large number of songs on Spanish Town, recorded by reggae and dance artists over the years, some sweet like the Barrington Levy classic Prison in the Spanish town of Oval Rock, which was voiced by in 1883, as a liner for the Volcano system, Chronixx’s Spanish town of Rockinand Koffee’s Rapture remix starring Govana, with others being gritty like Kip Rich Anthem of the Spanish City and Lutan Fyah’s St Jago De La Vega.

The upcoming artist was speaking in an interview with Anthony Miller of Television Jamaica, for The Entertainment Report recently, when the veteran reporter asked him about the song’s violent content.

“When your friends and when the people in Jamaica listen Spain City Badness, what impression do you think they get in their head? Miller asked.

“This city in Spain is not a pleasant place. Spain Town Badness is no joke. Just be careful, ”Roze Don replied.

“Do you want people to think the path you grew up on is a dangerous place?” Miller pointed out, referring to Big Lane in Central Village where the artist has his roots.

“Absolutely. It’s a dangerous place,” Roze Don replied.

With its lingering gang wars, Spanish Town, which has produced stars such as Koffee, Papa San, Chronixx, Lady G, Grace Jones, Lieutenant Stitchie, Dirtsman, and Govana, has developed a questionable reputation for violence. Spanish Town was the capital of Jamaica until 1872 when Kingston became the capital. It was given capital status by the Spanish in 1534, and was initially known as Villa de la Vega, then St Jago de La Vega, before the final name change.

Indicating that he was just being honest about the realities of the sections of the capital St. Catherine, which is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Jamaica, Roze Don assessed the rate of violence, when pressed by Miller about six or seven on a scale of ten.

When Miller asked, “Are you sometimes afraid for your life” Roze Don replied in the affirmative.

“Absolutely. But it’s like you don’t know what because bullets don’t have eyes. So it’s not like nobody is coming to look at me and anything, but I don’t want to. be in the wrong place at the wrong time, ”Roze Don said.

According to Miller’s report, Roze Don’s story is very familiar, like many other artists, “he recorded a few tracks, but only one, an air of wickedness sparked some interest.”

Roze Don told Miller that his father wanted him to be a pastor, which made him a little shy at first. He also added that he had worked for a year at a business process outsourcing (BPO) company, before leaving to devote himself fully to music, where his mother is now part of his management team.

The artist, who admires Vybz Kartel and Mavado, also told Miller that he is not much of a fan of the Trap-influenced Dancehall music that characterizes some of his songs.

“I’m not a big fan of riddim hip hop, but I can do freestyle, so some times I’m in the studio and have nothing to record I just jump on the beat. But I really don’t like the idea. I see everyone trying like Trap Dancehall or this Dancehall Trap, but mi nuh really like this idea, ”he pointed out.

“I really like the hard core Dancehall. Why i think they try to change it, because the artist fi seh it in jamaica and it doesn’t, suh dem waan get music overseas and ting. And everybaddy is a huge fan of America and America is hip-hop and rap, so try them in the overseas market, ”he added.

After being told by many that he looks like Alkaline, Roze Don said he doesn’t mind the comparison, especially when it isn’t made in an obnoxious way.

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