Seeking to expand climate advocacy, 350 Madison hires its first executive director | Science and environment

Local organization 350 Madison has hired a seasoned climate educator and advocate to take a more active role in advocating for a clean energy future.

John Greenler, who most recently served as director of environmental initiatives at the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, will take over on Oct. 1 as the first executive director of the volunteer group.

Board chair Gail Nordheim said the group’s mission and campaigns – including calls to divest from fossil fuels and stop the importation of oil from Canada’s tar sands – have become more broad and more complex with the increasing severity of the climate crisis.



This urgency was underscored earlier this summer when an international panel of scientists warned that Earth’s climate is already changing in ways not seen for hundreds of thousands of years, changes that will only get worse if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced over the next decade.

“Even when I got involved four and a half years ago – even then, there was rarely any mention of climate change in the press,” Nordheim said. “Now it’s the headlines every day. “

Nordheim said Greenler’s leadership will allow the 350 Madison to expand its advocacy at the local level to focus on state policy.

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