The great tourist windfall

The Balearic Islands are entitled to 230 million euros of European Next Generation funds for the “revival of tourism”. Twenty percent of that funding has so far been disbursed, with 30 million having landed in Mallorca. This will help propel the island, as the President of the Council of Mallorca, Catalina Cladera said, towards tourism department and a more sustainable model socially and economically and in terms of the environment, circularity and quality.

The Balearic Government assists the Council and has its own Ministry of European Funds. Such a ministry, the Spanish First Deputy Prime Minister observed recently, will guarantee the use of resources where there is priority. What will be the Cladera model, we take it.

Behind all the constant talk of sustainability, circularity and a new model (powered by EU funds), there is action. As more than two million euros for the promotion of a “gastronomic tourist triangleinvolving Palma, Barcelona and Valencia. This triangle will, quite naturally, address seasonality, as sustainability demands.

How this triangle will work, I can’t honestly say. Nor can I know for sure how three million euros are needed for a regatta canal on the great lake of Alcudia; the idea sounds good, but three million? However, since there is a department that prioritizes spending, the five million in all must be money well spent.

Priorities? We can probably all state what we think it should be. But then we don’t have bargains Brussels play with. Here would be mine – bringing the decaying areas of some of our tourist resorts into the 21st century.

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