The Maldives records more than 905,000 tourist visitors in 2021, Maldives

As the COVID condition around the world improves, people are regaining confidence while traveling. And the Maldives has been people’s favorite destination this year! The country recorded more than 905,000 tourist arrivals in 2021 (to date). In fact, the Asian island nation has proven to be the safest vacation destination to visit amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The data was shared by the Maldives Ministry of Tourism. He also said tourist arrivals were 122.5% higher than in 2020 due to border closures and travel restrictions on international travelers. But tourist arrivals in 2021 were a record on their own given the pandemic situation.

According to the data, Indian, Russian and German tourists alone accounted for 23%, 19.4% and 6.3%, followed by France, Kazakhstan, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom respectively. United and United States.

The country had closed its borders to international travelers for three months in 2020. Then in July 2020, the borders were reopened and travelers were allowed entry under strict restrictions related to COVID-19.

Again in May 2021, when the world was hit by the deadly second wave of COVID-19, the Maldives completely closed its borders to tourists from South Asian countries. It was in July 2021 that the country began to welcome foreign tourists.

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