The Minister of Tourism calls for the coast of the Costa del Sol to be declared a disaster area

The Minister of Tourism calls for the coast of the Costa del Sol to be declared a disaster area. picture: ayto de mijas

Francisco Salado calls on government to declare Costa del Sol coastline a disaster area after recent storms

Francisco Salado, president of Costa del Sol Tourism and Planning, today, Tuesday April 5, called on the government to declare the Malaga coastline a disaster area. The beaches and promenades along the popular holiday destination have been devastated by recent storms.

“The government must stop looking the other way and act immediately. Much is at stake on the Costa del Sol at Easter. The work and efforts of its municipalities and employers to prepare the beaches in perfect condition are useless in the absence of strong and serious measures to protect and stabilize the beaches, he stressed.

Mr Salado urged the government of Pedro Sanchez not to “a new grievance with the Costa del Sol, this time in terms of the coastline”. He has already spoken with the various mayors of the Costa del Sol, who have reported on the damage suffered by the beaches in their town.

“We must abandon this ‘dog in the crib’ policy with the beaches of the Costa del Sol, because they are our main tourist attraction, and the livelihood of tens of thousands of families in Malaga depends on their good condition”, Salado continued.

“There are many municipalities that have presented projects to stabilize and protect their beaches against storms like the one we are experiencing, and they are even ready to co-finance them. And the Provincial Council is ready to help them,” he repeated.

The Spanish government “has no excuse not to do this, it cannot continue to look the other way every time a storm washes away the sand and beaches of the Costa del Sol”, the tourism minister added . “In other tourist destinations, protective measures have been taken.”

Adding, “This cannot be another insult to Malaga, it would be unjustifiable”, while urging local authorities to “respond to some urgent actions necessary in the coming days before Holy Week”. Even if, as he insisted, medium and long-term measures to stabilize the beaches “must be put in place yes or yes”, as reported


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