The Northern Lights could be visible in Michigan tonight


Something of a myth for those who have never witnessed it, the Northern Lights could be visible from western Michigan tonight.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted a geomagnetic storm G2 Wednesday night, which is an indicator of a possible Northern Lights sighting.

Of course, there is no way to know for sure if the Northern Lights will make an appearance: NOAA is making long-term predictions and may be “completely extinguished,” said Mark Moldwin, professor of science and engineering. of Climate and Space at the University of Michigan.

The Northern Lights are caused by charged particles from space hitting Earth’s upper atmosphere, causing it to glow.

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Geomagnetic storms are indicators of the Northern Lights because they occur when storms on the sun launch energy and materials towards the Earth, interact with the magnetic field, and release a lot of energy into the upper atmosphere.

“If it’s a beautiful evening and one of the good things about Michigan is we’re at a latitude high enough that in the summer it gets dark and sometimes the aurora is visible, you get the best.” of both worlds: seeing the dawn in summer, in warmer weather, ”Moldwin said.

Even with unpredictable weather conditions and imprecise science forecasts, it may be worth taking a trip outside in case you get a glimpse.


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