The Spanish tourism plea has come under fire after ‘insulting’ Britain’s Brexit: ‘Don’t make us laugh! ” | Politics | New

After Spain’s Tourism Minister appealed to travelers to keep the Mediterranean nation in mind when booking vacations this summer, the enraged Britons fired back. Some have pointed out that his request was a far cry from how Britain was treated in the months following Brexit. was quick to turn down Spain’s invitation, with some saying they would be looking to non-EU countries to spend their holidays this year.

Responding to the call from tourism secretary Fernando Valdes, a Briton said: “You think this is going to happen after the treatment of Britons before and after Covid – holidaymakers, expats, Gibraltar etc?

“Don’t make me laugh!”

A second reader wrote: “Strongly agree. The whole of the EU has been anti-British ever since we left this corrupt group, so let them entice other members to visit.

“The problem is, they don’t tend to hang out in bars like we do. Hit them in the pocket. It’s your own time!”

And yet a third said: “Not so long ago the Spaniards said they wanted British holidaymakers to stop going to their country!”

The reader said the pandemic had “wiped out their country” and suddenly the Spaniards said “come back British, all is forgiven” after the UK left the EU.

They added: “I will be vacationing elsewhere and leaving Spain for the 2 for 1 happy hour crowd!”

Another said that despite promises of hospitality and a warm welcome from British tourists to Spain, “the damage is already done”.

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The reader wrote: “Thanks for the invitation.

“This year and for the next few years, we rediscover our will not to support the Spaniards who are in desperate need of our money but to continue to make life difficult for our expatriates, our exports and in Gibraltar.”

Another reader said rather than lying on a Spanish beach this year, they would choose to “vacation on the Rock” in reference to the territory bordering Spain.

And one person accused Spain of ‘insulting’ the UK in the Brexit negotiations by making Gibraltar a problem.

In an interview with Sky News, Mr Valdes spoke about the likelihood that the British will visit Spain this summer.

He said: “We are desperate to welcome you this summer!

“And I think we’ll be ready here in Spain and we also think the UK vaccination program is going pretty well.”

Meanwhile, Turkey has heightened the prospect of British holidaymakers being able to visit this summer by lifting flight restrictions.

The popular tourist destination has announced that it has ended its ban on direct flights from the UK.

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