The winners of the Marquardt Young Authors competition named

Thirty elementary students were named district-wide winners of the 2016-2017 Marquardt School District Young Authors Writing Competition 15. Participating schools included Black Hawk Elementary School, G. Stanley Elementary School. Hall, Charles G. Reskin Elementary School and Winnebago Elementary School.

At a reception honoring the best writers on May 16, 2017, K-5 students read their work aloud, sat for interviews with the authors, and received individual awards in front of family and staff from the Marquardt School District 15 administration center. This year’s theme was “Star Wars” and the celebration centered on “Awakening the Force” from the writing.

The Marquardt School District 15 Young Writers Competition inspires students to develop expertise and a passion for writing, connects students to networks of writers, and provides students with an authentic audience to share their work with.

Unlike the Illinois State Young Authors’ Conference, the Marquardt School District 15 Young Authors competition offers students the opportunity to receive feedback at every stage of writing and over a long period of time throughout the year. .

Program specialists, teachers, reading specialists, and media specialists help students develop and refine their plays throughout the year. In the district-led competition, the writing process then becomes less of a solitary note-driven act and more of an ongoing collaboration that celebrates growth and artistry. The support that students receive outside of the classroom for the competition is closely related to the skills they are working on in their classrooms in order to strengthen, extend and deepen their thinking.

After hosting this competition locally for the first time three years ago, schools have seen an increase in the number and quality of student submissions. The Marquardt School District 15 Young Authors Committee hopes to develop the initiative even further in the years to come. They plan to open writing clubs, form partnerships between young and old writers, and plan events with local writers.


2016-17 Marquardt School District 15 Young Authors Contest Winners

Overall winner:

“Broken Lamp” by Estrella R. Pedroza, Black Hawk Elementary School, Grade 5


“Never Let Go” by Baneen Hussain, Charles G. Reskin

“The Friendly Ghost with Kids’ Friends” and “Ghosts Friends” by Khloe Peterson, Winnebago

First year:

“Drawing Tips” by Michelle Kachikwu, Black Hawk

“Mid-Autumn Festival” by Zachary Nguyen, G. Stanley Hall

“Good Manners” by Aisha Mohiuddin, G. Stanley Hall

“The carrot, the couch and the crazy potato” by Nya Javier (illustrator), G. Stanley Hall

“My pajama party at the Chicago zoo” by Vincent Garces, Charles G. Reskin

“Super Sharks” by Michael Gramling, Winnebago

“The Birthday Trip to the American Girl Store” by Kayden Insidioso, Winnebago

Second year :

“Lily the Cat’s Special Day” by Ariel Huynh (author) and Anikka Aquino (illustrator), Black Hawk

“The Carrot, the Couch and the Mad Potato” by Jaiden Javier, G. Stanley Hall

“Emma the Girl Who Loved Gymnastics” by Chloe Boerger, Charles G. Reskin

“Nate’s Jokes Aloud” by Nathanael Romanovich, Charles G. Reskin

“Hurricanes” by Janet Lachhab, Winnebago

Haley Pikul’s “Ballet Competition”, Winnebago

Third year:

“Nature Hunting” by Stephanie Kachikwu, Black Hawk

“Under the Sea” by Aamna Akhoon, G. Stanley Hall

“All About Cute Animals” by Hafsa Khan and Carla Gonzalez, Charles G. Reskin

“The first day of school” by Natalie Jaca and Nancy Estanislao, Charles G. Reskin

“Hurricanes” by Alaa Lachhab, Winnebago

“All about our furblings” by Lily Donati and Jenna Donati, Winnebago

“What if the teacher fell asleep” by Brianna Gutierrez, Winnebago

“Young Darth Vader and the Sharknado” by Sydney DeBellis, Winnebago

Fourth year:

“L’Orbe” by Fernando Amezqua, Black Hawk

“Jane the Warrior” by Sara Vergara, G. Stanley Hall

“One idea in one” by Madison Garces, Charles G. Reskin

“Eloise” by Stéphanie Cao, Winnebago

“Swimming” by Trinity Weisgerber, Winnebago

Fifth year:

“I don’t understand …” by Donovan Metcalf, Charles G. Reskin

“All about the tundra” by Chezia Conte, Winnebago

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