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Could you name the smallest countries and territories in the world by population? You would be surprised, but chances are you know a few. A large majority of these sparsely populated places are remote islands, many of which rely heavily on tourism.

For example, only around 30,000 people live in the British Virgin Islands. To the prospect, that’s about the same number of people who live in Lakeside, Florida. However, more than 400,000 people visit the collection of islands each year, which was before COVID-19. Many Caribbean islands are trying to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, which is hurting tourism.

Nine of the 25 smallest countries and territories in the world are located in the Oceania region, where dozens of islands are scattered throughout almost the entire Pacific Ocean. Eight more are located in Latin America and the Caribbean. The rest are scattered across or near Europe, Africa and even North America.

Some of the countries on the list have interesting stories of how they were named. Some get their nickname from the physical characteristics of their natives, while others tend to be named after a geographic feature. These are the surprising stories behind 50 country names.

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To identify the least populated countries and territories in the world, 24/7 Tempo examined social and economic data from 232 countries and territories recognized by the United Nations in its publication “World Population Prospects: 2019 Revision” by the Department of Economic Affairs and social. “Population division. Recognized designations include United Nations member states, non-member states, non-self-governing member states and officially designated areas. The area of ​​each country is also taken from the UN.

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