Tired of talking about climate change

— Governor Burgum’s meaningless proclamations that North Dakota would become “carbon neutral.” Is he still indebted to his billion-dollar benefactor, Bill Gates?

– Senator Hoeven’s pontificate over carbon sequestration credits that will be collected by big business to reduce corporate income tax; there will be no climatic effect.

– The Bismarck Tribune’s ridiculous “opinion” climate cartoons (7/25; 8/5) and disgusting Editorial Board editorial (7/9) attacking the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on EPA (July 8 op-ed page cartoon shows Tribune’s lack of respect for the Supreme Court). The management/journalists of The Tribune blindly accept the lies of climate activists based on modeling with forced results rather than finding the real causes of climate change — Mother Nature (solar, volcanic and oceanic activity).

People also read…

– The insulting/erroneous chronicles of Bill Patrie (24/03; 09/06; 18/08). “Deliberately blinded”? Mr Patrie is one of many Democrats to drink climate change Kool-Aid from Presidential rejects, Al Gore and John Kerry (the world ends in 2030? NOT!) and not care about critical thinking/ the research. His June 9 column states that the use of charcoal “disfigures biological life” without any justification. He owes an apology to the directors, management and employees of the rural electricity generation and transmission cooperatives (Basin Electric Power, Minnkota Power and Great River Energy). These co-ops with their visionary directors have spent billions of dollars on pollution control equipment that dramatically reduces or eliminates real pollution (sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxide, mercury). These farmers and ranchers/business owners are exceptional stewards of the land. China builds coal-fired power plants without any pollution control – period!

– The many absurd letters from Lillian Bachmeier (08/31 at the latest). She documented her complete lack of knowledge about climate, capitalism and morality (the world is not all shades of grey; there is good and evil).


It’s time for the retirees’ siesta!

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