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No further support on leave, a lifeline for the travel industry, is expected, as there are reports it could increase air passenger rights on long-haul flights.

The prospects for Covid in the UK are also being explored in the press, with a recall campaign reaching full speed and modeling suggesting cases may soon start to decline again.

However, some destinations are worried about rising infection rates brought by British visitors, which has already seen Morocco ban direct flights from the UK.

Here are the headlines from the trips on Monday, October 25.

No more leave plans, says Chancellor

Rishi Sunak said he was not preparing to roll out a new leave program to support company workers over the winter after the initial program ended last month because the government’s plan to deal with a increase in Covid infections “does not imply significant economic restrictions”. (Financial Times)

Chancellor ready to hike ODA

Ahead of Wednesday’s fall budget (October 27), Sunak is also reportedly set to increase the air passenger tax rate. According to The Guardian, the Chancellor will increase the price of long-haul flights “to reflect the environmental damage” caused by longer flights. (The Guardian)

Covid rate in Benidorm soars

Spanish tourism leaders have sounded the alarm after Benidorm’s Covid-19 rate skyrocketed as British tourists returned in force to the destination. The Costa Blanca resort currently has a 14-day contagion rate of 215 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, five times Spain’s national figure of 43, according to data from the Ministry of Health. (The I)

Travel uncertainty after Morocco ban

British families face uncertainties over vacation plans after British tourists were banned from visiting Morocco, raising concerns that other countries are following suit. Popular European holiday destinations such as Spain and Italy have much lower Covid infection rates than the UK, where the number of new infections rose 16% last week. (The I)

One million people will receive Covid booster injections

Two million eligible people will be asked to receive a Covid-19 boost from the NHS this week, as the government seeks to see a sharp increase in cases without further restrictions. Five million people have already received a third injection. (Sky News)

UK Covid Case Number To ‘Drop’ This Winter

Covid cases will drop in November even without the government’s Plan B restrictions, the modeling suggests. Ministers are believed to be holding back from introducing restrictions such as mandatory masks, working from home and vaccine passports, after seeing screenings from several groups that show infections decline rapidly within weeks. (The Telegraph)

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