Tundo leads Kenyans to Rwanda podium to seal ARC title


NAIROBI, Kenya, October 24 – Carl Tundo led the Kenyans to a podium at Rally Rwanda to win the FIA ​​African Rally Championship (ARC) title with one race to go.

Tundo, five-time winner of the Safrai Rally, won the Rwandan stage of the ARC ahead of his compatriots Karan Patel who finished second while the young McRae Kimathi was satisfied with the third.

Meanwhile, Maxine Wahome and Linet Ayuko finished 6th overall to win the Ladies Crew.

Kenyan drivers Maxine Wahome and Linet Ayuko with Phineas Kimathi, CEO of Safari Rally and boss of KMSF. Photo / COURTESY

After leading the first stage in seven stages on Saturday, all Tundo had to do to win the continental title in the day two four-stage route was just a finish he made bravely beating his compatriot Karan Patel by 14.4 seconds to win the prestigious round of Rwanda. .

This is Tundo’s fourth victory in the 2021 ARC season after Equator Rally Kenya in Naivasha, Rally of Tanzania and Zambia International Rally where he survived fear of a late puncture for make it out.

By winning the penultimate round of the ARC, Tundo joins the growing list of Kenyans who have secured their mitts on the coveted African title after pioneer Shekhar Mehta who won it for the country in 1981 in a Nissan.

David Horsey of Mombasa was the second winner in a Peugeot in 1984 followed by speed star Kisumu Jaspreet Singh Chatthe in 2015 in a Mitsubishi EvolutionX, Don Smith in 2016 in a Subaru while Manvir Barya took home a hat-trick of the titles. African champion in 2019 in a Å koda Fabia R5.

Kenyans took command of the Rwanda Mountain Gorilla event with Tundo leading compatriots Patel and Kimathi to a rare clear podium.

Third overall for the FIA ​​Rally Star Program driver, Kimathi Junior was a career record.

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Tundo clocked 1; 29.42.8 hours to beat Karan by just 14.4 seconds.

Kimathi in his Rally 3 M-Sport prepared Ford times 1: 40.17.2.

The Mint Motorsport-sponsored crew of Tundo and Jessop took the lead from the start, battling for seconds in the other stage with compatriot Karan in a Ford Fiesta R5.

Tundo led the rally with 46 minutes 47.1 seconds after SS9, 21.3 seconds behind second-placed Patel.

Boterill dropped out due to engine gremlins.

Fighting to come back, after the tormented morning experience of a blown turbo gearbox, Ugandan Yasin Nasser secured a seventh position.

Local driver Gakwaya Jean Claude took fourth place overall in a Subaru.

“It was a push and an end for us,” Yasin said after fixing his car.

The rally took place in the eastern part of Rwanda.

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Past winners

1981 Kenya Shekhar Mehta Nissan

1982 West Germany Walter Röhrl Opel

1983 Ivory Coast Alain Ambrosino Peugeot

1984 Kenya David Horsey Peugeot

1985 Rwanda Luc Requile Opel / Mitsubishi

1986 Ivory Coast Alain Ambrosino Nissan

1987 Ivory Coast Alain Ambrosino Nissan

1988 Zambia Satwan Singh Toyota

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1989 Zambia Satwant Singh Volkswagen

1990 Burundi Walter Costa Peugeot

1991 Zambia Satwan Singh Toyota

1992 Italy Aldo Riva Audi

1993 Zambia Satwant Singh Toyota

1994 Zimbabwe Abe Smit Audi

1995 Namibia Fritz Flachberger Ford

1996 Zambia Satwant Singh Subaru

1997 Zambia Satwant Singh Subaru

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1998 Zambia Satwant Singh Subaru

1999 Uganda Charles Muhangi Subaru

2000 Zambia Satwant Singh Subaru

2001 South Africa Schalk Burger Subaru

2002 South Africa John Gemmel Subaru

2003 Spain Fernando Rueda Mitsubishi

2004 Zambia Muna Singh Subaru

2005 Zambia Muna Singh Subaru

2006 Belgium Patrick Emontspool Subaru

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2007 Zimbabwe Conrad Rautenbach Subaru

2008 Japan Hideaki Miyoshi Mitsubishi

2009 Zimbabwe James Whyte Subaru

2010 Zimbabwe James Whyte Subaru

2011 Zimbabwe Conrad Rautenbach Subaru

2012 Zambia Mohamed Essa Subaru

2013 Zambia Jassy Singh Subaru

2014 Ivory Coast Gary Chaynes Mitsubishi

2015 Kenya Jaspreet Singh Chatthe Mitsubishi

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2016 Kenya Don Smith Subaru

2017-19 Kenya Manvir Baryan Å koda

2020 postponed

2021 Kenya Carl Tundo VW Polo R5


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