What’s Minnesota’s Worst Tourist Attraction?

I have to admit I’ve been thinking for a while trying to figure out what could be Minnesota’s worst attraction. I thought of things like the Paul Bunyan statue, or maybe something like the Hamm Brewery, but no.

Someone took the time to find the worst attractions in each state. In fact, he had help. The guy’s name is Matt Shirley and he has an Instagram account where he posts funny charts, maps or graphs.

Recently, he asked his roughly 400,000 Instagram followers what was the worst attraction in their state? To give you an idea of ​​what attractions in their state people submitted, for example, New Jersey was Jersey Shore. New Mexico was the home of “Breaking Bad”.

Some were just crazy. The tallest binder in the world in Vermont, the biggest ball of string in Kansas, the Rocky statue in Pennsylvania. Washington State is the wall of rubber. Who wouldn’t want to check this out, right?

If you are in South Dakota you can take the family and visit the Corn Palace. In California, they named Hollywood the worst attraction. If you’ve been to Hollywood before, the word disappointing comes to mind.

So, for our beautiful state of Minnesota, what would be your estimate? I was a little surprised to find that the worst attraction in Minnesota is the Mall of America. I remember how important it was when they opened the Mall of America. I lived in Florida and every Sunday the local newspaper ran ads for Tours of the Mall of America.

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